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20 Relationship And Dating Memes To Share With Your Loved One

What better way to show someone that you really love and care about them than sending them a meme? Relationships aren't easy; they take work, but one small thing you can do to improve your loved ones day and make them feel closer to you is sending a relationship-themed meme to them. Arguably, memes are one of the best ways to convey a relatable message to someone so they too can relate to it with you. There's no better feeling than sending someone a meme and them replying with "us." I don't know what it is about that feeling, but it sure is special.

Whether you're in a relationship or just trying to navigate the dating pool, hopefully some of these memes you will be able to relate to on some level, because let's face it, dating is rough sometimes. Here is a list of 20 potentially relatable dating and relationship memes to send to your significant other (or to your homies, they need love too).

Doesn't Change

me seeing my fav person for the 1st time: 10% me seeing my fav person for the 4165th time: NG Bhomyshrimp

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All the Memes

me sending my man 258 memes in ten minutes because I love him, even though he's probably annoyed at this point H

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Girl Who Lost Her Memory Falls In Love With The Same Boyfriend Talk about a story of true love! The guy* I'm still worthy!

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Life Hack

Me and my bestie parking in a rich neighborhood and setting our dating app radius to 1 mile TIPSYDRUNK

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Just Waiting

Me waiting for her texts

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How Dare you

When you say "sorry I'm crazy" and he says "that's ok" instead of "no you're not"

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Things I always think about My Girlfriend Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. They're the same picture.

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Every Time

Me: gets into a Show and show it once to my S/O My S/O: Our new Show

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When you first meet her and wonder why she's single vs 4 months into the relationship and now you know why

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When you ask your girl what's wrong and she gets even more mad and says "you're supposed to know"

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Lacking vitamin U 88

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The Best

Co Me having a bad day My gf with my favorite flowers, candy, make- made with mematic your-own waffle sundaes, and cuddles

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A letter for you Wanna cuddle?

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Better Over There

When your girl loves your side of the bed:

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Home Cooking

Me when my GF cooks literally anything Mmm... Smalls good. What's cooking? Where's mine? made with mematic

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me when i first start a relationship vs me when i get comfortable & clingy

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THIS CAT IS CHONKY Kourtney Rose. 2h. When the little spoon isn't that little. X

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the inside of my stomach after seeing my s.o. Show me a butterfly I said a real butterfly perfection

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When you text your man and he doesn't text back within 14 seconds IG: @the_meredith I've grown accustomed to being alone.

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My Bad

When u trying to be mad at him but u realize that he a good dude and u just a lil crazy at times

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