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20 Stories That Obviously Didn't Happen

The stories that fill the Reddit's subreddit /r/thatHappened are guaranteed to be untrue. Some of them are just generally unbelievable, like totally literate toddlers, and others clearly have a political agenda being masked by a grocery store miracle where everyone claps at the end. If you can get away with a fake story it might gain you some online popularity. Some Reddit karma or some TikTok clout. Whatever the reasoning may be, it is a well-known fact that people like to lie on the internet.

If you are going to do it, at least do it well so you don't end up being chastised for it. As the strive for online fame becomes greater and greater, the amount of people lying for attention becomes greater as well. Especially on TikTok. It's not uncommon to see a video of someone's face with a block of white text in front of it telling some outrageous tale. Here are 20 uncalled for and untrue stories from around social media.


i I was stopped 5 times today being told to go back to class.. a kid also mistaken me for a peer guess I'm aging well that I can still be mistaken for a middle and high schooler Pout wh B diloar ав slas tam

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True Story

Dr. 15 February 2020 MD Real conversation today. Obstetrician: This baby looks really amazing. How old are you again Dr. P Me: Almost 42. Me: Obstetrician: This is truly amazing. What in the world are you taking? Me: My inventions. Boston C, Lightning in a Bottle, Megadose Vitamin C, Pixie Dust Magnesium and Doctor's Shake. Obstetrician: Do you mind if I start prescribing those to my patients? ... General Freq 6.0M Depth 7.0cm Sector 100% Gain 50% FrRate High FPS 40Hz Dyn 80dB Persist 3 Map 4 Chroma 0 Power 0 MI<0.68 Clarity Med

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Where Was The Real Teacher

you guys all think that canada is so innocent but in grade one i had a geography teacher with three fingers and he gave me a C because i pronounced Kenya differently than him and when my mom reported it to the office we found out that he wasn't even supposed to be teaching at my school he was literally some stranger who wandered in VIA SLOWROBOT.COM

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How Would You Not Notice

I'm sleepy as hell Imao, I thought I put on my work shoes walked out the house like de my feet cold as hell ! C C

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These People

@ I had a guy try mugging me this morning with a tiny pocket knife. So I Just reached behind my trench coat and unsheathed my sword. And he Immediately pocketed his knife and said he made a mistake targeting me Imao. These people. 3 go

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No Chance

In Dec 2020 I had a dream a boy wrote his phone number & "call me in the So I wrote down future?" the dream and the number in the middle of the night. I met my bf a year later and it was the last 6 digits of his number.

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+3+ 52m In high school I was the most popular kid there and i was a huge stoner. Anyways I was in the back of class and I smoked probably class to an ounce and was blowing it out the window until the teacher noticed smoking smelling and he came to me right as I was hitting my joint and i held it in and he kept an eye on me the rest of class. I held my breath for 9 minutes straight and the second he looking away I blew it out the window. The cute girl sitting next to was so impressed she asked to smoke with me so I took her home and we smoked and then had sex. I pounded her for like 3 hours and she came atleast 20 times. Man high schoo was awesome for me. 40+ 0↓

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Doritos Too

• 1m One time I went to the store & bought a bottle of water. I drank about half of it & fell asleepo. I woke up the next day & tested it & my water was LACED WITH FENT! It happened with a bag of Doritos once too!!! Я д 4 1

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You Are So Cool

23h. Got pulled over... Cop walks up. "Hey so I'm not looking to write you a ticket or anything, but just wanted you to know I like your license plate. Please drive safe and have a good day." ...It may or may not have to do with Lord of the Rings Like X 14 comments Comment Send

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Good For You

Posts Photos Bless these sweet guys at H.E.B. Guess there is hope... Cashier: Ma'am may I see your ID please? Me: Sure! Life events Smart kid. : Cashier: uh, Holy I'm so sorry to cuss in front of you ma'am. But that's NOT the year or age i was thinking i would see. I thought you were about 25. No disrespect. Shows the Guy Bagging: What?!! No way!! Me: y'all are sweet. But yes, it's true. Cashier: well, keep doin what you're doin. Or thank your family for good genes. (Best Spring Break Ever ●●● €

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SYARATAN The toxic masculinity at the gym on Friday mornings A literal conversation had while I was squatting on the barbell. Guy1- Some girls get in here lifting heavy!" Guy 2- when they start lifting heavier than you. It's time to quit. Time to go home, that just ain't right." Guy1 - you ain't wrong about that. I like to look at 'em. That's it, and I say my oh my!" Heavenly sent guy 3- nah that's when it's time to humble yourself. Them woman put in work. Guy 3 looked at me saying "sorrry 'bout them" Like.. y'all know I can hear you ?? This is so embarrassing for you

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That's a Mouthful

I can tell they've had pronoun training at my hospital because the check in guy said "Sir, over here. Oh! No, uh, they?" And the lady at the next cube said, "No gendered honorifics or antiquated respectability phrases, KEVIN!!!!" 9:32 AM 7/7/22 · Twitter for iPhone 1,176 Retweets 141 Quote Tweets 31.2K Likes 27 ... .11h Tweet your reply Replying to "Have a good day! See you Monday, Mrsrt-buddy. Hogan Buddy." - Kevin as I was leaving

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Actual Doctor Said This

Today at 4:33 PM yeah last time i was at the doctors office the doctor was like "holy you're so tall and shredded" and i was like yeah i get that a lot and he was like "no seriously you're a genetic freak dude sick gains im a doctor" and i was like yeah cool man thanks

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How Would This Even Happen

Tik Tok I was shaving my "privates" last night using my phone light. then I heard notifications to see I was "on live" on tiktok!!! Thanks for ur kind gifts!!!

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Totally Believable

when i was like 10 a girl at church camp heard a "rumor" i was gay and i woke up to her holding me down by the wrists and yelling bible versus in my face. I immediately developed a crush on her

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Why Is No One Questioning This

2:00 < Q Dogs Of TikTok me after I got a 350 dollar speeding ticket for following a cop going 86 on the highway and decided to fight the ticket on zoom court (I deserved the ticket) and I set my screen up so my dog was sitting next to me bow tie collar on and I told the judge that he would be defending me today and thay he had a degree from Harvard law - the judge let me off immediately Search 125.6K ... 124 1472

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Toddlers on Facebook are Different

10h- Making breakfast and our 5 year old says "Hey! Those eggs are just like you and daddy and me!" On the outside we are different colours but on the inside we are all the same! 5 year olds should run the world 3.3K 134 comments 178 shares

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I'm Sure You Did

When I was 13 my teacher gave me an F so I made a catfish account that had a relationship with him and then sent it to his wife and got him divorced

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Why Would They Care

LIVE Following For You When my college professor who hated me for no reason stopped class to tell me I would get fat for eating cheerios so I stayed late one night after she left her office and I shoved thousands of cheerios under her door and she never messed with me again Shes crazy but im crazier #college #revenge and sidnxtdoor sid Ơ 23.4K 81 332 170

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It's True

That one time when some kid at my school was about to get in a fight with this other kid, and then that kid says "I got something for you" before pulling an ENTIRE pineapple out of his backpack and beating up the person with it in front of the entire school hallway

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