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20 Times The Joke Went Wildly Unappreciated

Some people will miss a good thing even if it's sitting so obviously right in front of them. Online it is sometimes hard to tell the kind of tone that people are using when engaging in conversation, debating, or making a post. Sometimes, though, some jokes are just so obvious its hard to imagine anyone could miss them. Reddit's /r/woooosh is the subreddit dedicated to shaming those who missed such an obvious pun, joke, or some other sarcastic comment. The kinds of people who miss these jokes also tend to get snarky with their commentary or correction of said joke, which makes it all more cringeworthy and embarrassing for them.

The term whoosh is used to simulate the sort of sound the joke would make if it were to quite literally and physically fly over someone's head. Whoosh, you missed the joke, there it goes. Here are 20 embarrassing moments of people letting a good and seemingly super obvious joke fly right over their heads. Shake your head shamefully at them, or maybe feel a bit bad that they didn't catch on to something probably everyone else did.

Okay, And?

Admit it, you've always wanted to play Eels and Escalators 734 Like YSIN'S Comment لے it's literally chutes and latters Like Reply 53 Comments Send 1

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Just a Side Hustle

3:05 1 $50 I SELL SNOWMAN ARMS, $50. ONEY BO FOOLY 38 Like LTE 60 Comments Comment you can get these tree branches from ANY tree literally. View 5 previous replies... ||||

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Someone Get it Right

40 year old karens when they say "Konnichiwa" in an italian restaurant 3h 172 likes Reply Konnichiwa is Russian tho spanesh View 7 previous replies Japanese 1 like 2h Reply its

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Good Luck

liberals be like: $96 a year $4,643 a year 392 t 1,915 44.3K l. 767.9K "too expensive" : "omg i literally need it!!!" ↑ Healthy food vs pointless online thing yeah they're the same. Good luck with your McDonald's diet 8:59 AM - Apr 22, 2023-37.4K Views

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It's Cheese

Ima a big fan of cheddar cheese 4:56 pm Its delicious especially if its molten Thicc Seb CO Ima a big fan of cheddar cheese that is metal "Good 4:57 pm 4:57 pm

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DID YOU KNOW The "r" in woman stands for "rights"? shutterstock 10 But there's no "r" 2d Reply

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Come On

475 Like That's a Cowboy Cow 41 Comments 173 Shares Comment horse Share

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Dancing Like a Snake Though

THE The Meme Book 13 Mar at 23:39.6 Indian dude: blows into a weird pipe snake: 3.6K Haha 110 comments 1.5K shares Comment ... But this is a bear tho Share

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Maybe It Is, Maybe It Isn't

Scientists at Harvard University have drawn images showing what Gollum from Lord of The Rings would look like had he been human. Shafeeq @Y2SHAF i thought this was an Al drawing of Andrew Tate ⠀

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Does Not Translate

Today at 11:00 AM Imagine being jumped by Mozart and he plays m Get that ute Today at 11:11 AM how does that translate wtf half those letters don't exist as notes

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Skateboard Earth

194 kB c9d.png 14:50 IF EARTH ISN'T FLAT Why are boards like this: And not like this?: Today at 14:51 But skateboard isnt size of earth!?. oday at 14:51 R/whoooooooo00000000000sh Today at 14:51 What's an r woosh?

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My favorite rappers, 1.Eminem 2.Slim shady 3.rain man 4.stan 5.the white guy from D12 6. B Rabbit 7. Marshall Mathers 281 Add a public reply... 31 Slim shady is eminem duh 1 ...

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That Was a Good One Too

no one in antarctica has covid 19 15:00✓ टट wanna know why cuz they're all ice-o-lated No one lives there 15:01 gode godd it- 15:00 15:00 15:00 ✓ 15:01 ✔

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The Actual Location

Did you know: Titanic was filmed in a pool and the water was warm Leo jay @iblameleoo www well they not gonna put 100s of people floating about the arctic

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The Rock

selfies r/me_irl of the soul u/PedroPablito • 1h me irl Google how old is the rock About 179.000.000 s (0.77 second) Dwayne Johnson / Age 46 years May 2, 1972 Google how long do rocks live Videos Rock/Lifespan About 71,500,000 (0.71 seconds) Vote Videos Shopping More Shopping More Rocks: 45-46 years Lower classifications and overview BEST COMMENTS username_184.46m How does a rock die? 6 Settings To Reply ↑ Share 15+

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What you see vs. What Colorblind ppl see. This is heartbreaking @yungcultleader RED LOBSTER FRESH FISH LIVE LOBSTER Text LOBSTER FRESH FISH LIVE LOBSTER Jo They still can see the sign the word red on there isn't actually red and it also depends on which color they can't see 14h 1 like Reply red on the sign e They can still read the 9 28

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Manga Anime Netflix remake U r/wooosh C o That are just different type of phones

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That's The Point

r/CrappyDesign Posted by u/shutup2468 8m. Nothing sense we're makes when apart? Nothing Sense We're Vote 5 Makes When Apart Share

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Got You There

Yesterday at 11:14 PM Nurse: Sir... you've been in a coma since 2011 Me: Bun Today at 1:26 AM A rage comic meme in 2018 kek December 19, 2018

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Hold My Beer

Mohanad - Union Hall NY 3/12 @MohanadElshieky Dane Cook: I'm dating a 23 year old Leonardo DiCaprio: hold my beer Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend: I can't 03:20 2023/02/07 11,6M Views . wolf. @Princez2593.1d She's not even Old enough to drink 20 22 1 660 ₁297K Mohanad - Union Hall NY 3/12.23h If only I had a tweet that said exactly that 17 153 13,9K 285K

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