Two memes describing the superiority of air fryers from the collection.

Stay Crispy: 17 Memes Reflecting On The Beauty Of The Air Fryer

They're quick, they're easy and best of all, they make you fries. There aren't many kitchen appliances out there that you can call a phenomenon, but the air fryer is one of them. Nearly two million units were sold in the U.S. in the first half of this year, and with Black Friday behind us, you can guarantee those numbers have only climbed. Naturally, such a cultural landmark has been celebrated with memes. Whether you use one for almost every meal or you have yet to experience its convenient and crispy delights, you can enjoy some of the best examples below.


Imagine taking an hour to cook food 1UA This post was made by air fryer gang KitchenAid Air fryer gang

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X TOven and microwave users 1 1 1 You guys are always acting like you're better than me" Global HD 11 People with ăn air fryer ao

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Fry x2

deeptried 88 COSORI ainfryer

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Making The Most Of Those Opportunities

My parents at age 23 Let's migrate to another country so our kids can have opportunities Yes Me at age 23 U can put anything in this airfryer fr

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Date Night

When you trynna impress her with your Air Frying Skills

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It'll Change Our Lives

Me excitedly explaining to my mom why we should get an air fryer A random persons eavesdropping My mom listening trying to look amused

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How people who own an air fryer look at people who don't have one

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Chicken Nuggets

Me My chicken nuggets in the air fryer

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Life Changing

thank you for changing my life i'm literally a portable oven

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Me : realises that I left the food on the air fryer *Runs to see if its burnt The food :

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184 cozyna My cat decides to sleep in the air fryer while it's warm because it's too cold out...

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The oven watching me use the air fryer:

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Fun For All The Family

Aubin Skankey Air Fryer Tips and Recipes 2 hrs e Is there any air fryer that can handle a family of 8? 2 7 Comments A Like Comment Share Tom MacDonald Take it easy Jeffrey Dahmer 2.4K 179 Comments · 483 Shares O Like Comment Share Terri Hillis NOT FUNNY!! The man was SICK and mentally unstable!! He was a MURDERER! MURDER IS NOT FUNNY! View 105 previous replies Shawn Adams First day on the internet?

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Decisions Decisions

When I don't know what to eat but I want to use the air fryer I am going to create something that is so crispy

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Cheaper Than Therapy

Me trying to decide if an air fryer will cure my depression: @MillennialHorrorStory

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Balanced Diet

When my mama asks what I've made in the air fryer she bought me UnCrusfables

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Striking Similarity

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