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Did 'The Tall Knight' Scam His TikTok Followers Out Of $14,000 And Fake Homelessness?

TikToker the Tall Knight, known for his gaming videos, comedy skits and spreading positivity, is being accused of scamming his fans for over $14,000 US after claiming he was kicked out of his house and left homeless earlier this week. Now, Tall Knight has responded to the claims on Discord, and as it turns out, things may not quite be as they seem. Here's what you need to know.

@the_tall_knight I swear I’m going to dedicate my life to making content that can maybe give you guys a fraction of the joy that you’ve brought me 💝😭 #tallknight #the_tall_knight #update #hotel #homeless #positivity ♬ original sound – they_luv_tony:)

Why Is 'The Tall Knight' Being Accused Of Scamming His Fans?

On February 20th, the Tall Knight, a TikToker who constantly wears a knight crusader's helmet and makes positive content, posted a video where he claims he was kicked from his home and is now homeless. In the video, he says he has no other choice but to ask for help from his viewers. Later that night, he posted a video revealing that viewers sent him over $14,000 in support of his struggle.

@the_tall_knight ($TheAverageTallKnight) I’m so scared, idk what I’m gonna do, please help #tallknight #the_tall_knight #homeless #apartment #tiktok #positivity #fanbase #fakesword ♬ original sound – Tall Knight

@the_tall_knight Replying to @sadturtleexe ♬ original sound – Tall Knight

Two days later, Tall Knight's brother-in-law, a Christian TikToker named @theothodoxmainer, posted a video claiming Tall Knight had been staying with him, his wife Savannah (Tall Knight's sister) and his kids, showing Tall Knight's room, helmet and sword for proof.

In the video, Othodox Mainer claims that he told Tall Knight to leave by March 1st after Tall Knight invited his out-of-state girlfriend to stay at the house without telling him. Othodox and his wife, who happens to be Tall Knight's sister, also caught Tall Knight and his girlfriend hooking up in their room, which they deemed "not Christian" and inappropriate while the kids were in the house. This was the main reason for evicting him.

Othodox claims that Tall Knight was never homeless since he could have stayed there until March 1st and believes he had more money than he let on since he was able to fly his girlfriend out to visit. The original video by Othodox was deleted, but was reuploaded and can be seen below.

@committi @othodoxmainer made this put this out there #tallknightisscammingyou ♬ original sound – committi

Did Tall Knight Really Scam His Viewers?

Since @theothodoxmainer's video was posted, some TikTokers, especially those who donated, have been accusing Tall Knight of being a scammer. However, Tall Knight recently pushed back against these claims on his Discord server, revealing what he sees as hypocrisy from Othodox and his sister Savannah.

According to the Discord messages, Tall Knight was kicked out for hooking up with his girlfriend in their room. However, he claims that Othodox and Savannah hook up every night whether the kids are there or not. He even claims they once hooked up in the living room while he and a friend were playing a board game and that Othodox and Savannah leave their "toys" in the sink sometimes.

After airing out some dirt about his sister and claiming she did know he had a girlfriend coming to visit despite Othodox's claims, Tall Knight confirms that she told them to leave after walking in on them hooking up. He thought it was a joke at first but she later confirmed it wasn't, despite Tall Knight telling her it would make him homeless. She allegedly called his girlfriend names.

Tall Knight grabbed his girlfriend's suitcase, left the house and recorded the video asking for help at around 2:00 AM, not posting it until the next day. It wasn't until that day that Othodox texted him telling him he had until March 1st to leave. Although he said Tall Knight could stay until then, he also wrote that his girlfriend could not.

Tall Knight writes that there was "no way" he was staying there after that, and posted the video asking for help and got the $14,000 from his followers. He insists he did not scam his followers and even provides a screenshot of his alleged bank account balance, showing he had around $400 before the donations.

Tall Knight Yesterday at 1:43 PM Hello! @everyone It's come to my attention that my old hyper-religious, hypocritical roommates have made a last ditch effort to make my life miserable He goes by something like OrthadoxMainer on tiktok. Feel free to go watch his video for context. He goes on to grab my stuff and say things along the lines of "he lived here for free” (lie) "he was given several warnings" (another lie) “hes scamming you for money" (also lie.) So, if you want the truth, if you genuinely want to know what really happened, please be patient. Open minded. And allow me to speak my side (edited) 5 So here is a quick run down of all the events to at took place that night. I'm leaving no details out, which will humiliate me and make me feel awful, but it's only fair. I'll do my best to be brief, I don't want to take too much of your time. And I'm addressing this on discord because I don't want to use my biggest platform (tiktok) just to talk about lies and rumors 24 BUT ANYWAY That weekend, Friday, February 17th, 2023 I had used my earnings from tiktok to fly my LDR (long distance relationship) girlfriend up to Maine to meet we had been talking for about a month and wanted to see if we were compatible in person (edited) My best friend drove me an hour down to the airport (cause I don't have a license to pick her up She was amazing... everything I'd hoped for and more So we headed back home to the apartment (of which I was paying $450 a month for one bedroom the size of a closet) (edited) 215 Tall Knight Yesterday at 1:51 PM Now, to be clear, my older sister had walked in on my and my gf the night before, calling on discord. She needed me to do the usual favor of escorting her and her child to his house with our grandparents because my sister is not allowed around minors without adult supervision. (edited) (There was incident about 2 years ago at a daycare she used to own which resulted in a baby being put into a coma because of what she did. provider-charged-after-19-month-old-suffered-brain-injury-in-her-care-makes-first- court-appearance/97-7d6b170c-f590-405d-a8af-69a988cac16b) (edited) 156 13 So, Savannah (my sister) was in fact aware I was going to have a girl over. Fast forward to the next day Me and this perfect girl are cuddling in my bed hehe, corny I know, but it was the loveliest thing ever Shortly after, Savannah gets home from work, and is outraged that I betrayed her trust by having a girl over (edited) 126 292 5 6 She storms off, and then about an hour later, she comes back and starts interrogating my poor girlfriend with questions 127 71 W 46 H 46 "What's your name? Where are you from? Who did you vote for?" Right off the bat 341 60 B 40 35 CO26 97 ? 3 Now, for context. Savannah has completely cut off ALL contact (blocked them on every social media) with our eldest brother Daulton cause he admitted to voting for Biden (edited) And our younger sister Trinity, for not being straight. - 245 G 125 A 125 Y 125 A 79 F 77 (This isn't even the worst of it, trust me, it gets worse O 39 81 Tall Knight Yesterday at 1:59 PM Fast forwarding once again, Me and my soulmate I will admit, have sex . In my room. Which I'm paying rent for. Behind closed doors, not making a sound. W 320 144 93 H 41 A 41 P 41 P 42 Y 41 74 Y 46 111 39 22 247 44 Now. Hah Savannah? Hah Hah НАН H 118 A 119 Go ahead and ask her son Danny what "mommy and daddy's special game is" and how "only they can be in the room to play it" 165 109 M 70 A 70 R 70 170 0 70 110 4 87 90 A 65 I kid you not. In the year I lived there, every day. EVERY DAY. EVERY SINGLE DAY they fucked 41 6 T 77 R 77 A 77 | 77 N 77 If the kids were home or not 28 57 If I was in the kitchen, 10 feet away 146 022 Or when me and my friend Logan were playing board games in the dining room, and they decided to LOUDLY fuck in the LIVING ROOM, AROUND THE CORNER 117 177 58 106 They constantly leave their sex toys in the sink 108 79 60 B 38 212 25 So many dildos... 139 And 0 25 12 79 18 112 my sister isn't the one who takes it in the ass 410 80 92 74 194 90 13 15 +6 D 60 I 60 R 39 And she then tells me to get out 61 20 15 L 61 3 52 P 15 E 15 G 14 So the fact. That THEY. THEM. of ALL PEOPLE in this WORLD. Think that THEY. Are on grounds to judge ME for having standard sex?? 50 (edited) 3 90 X 90 R 118 E 121 A 118 L 118 S 94 Is the most astounding, mind boggling, bamboozling, befaffling, inexplicably CONFOUNDING irony, I have ever seen. U 38 91 O 60 So. S 72 O 67 ... 41 41 Me and my gf, in the midst of making love, Savannah bursts in. Just opens the door all the way. And stands there staring at us. "Out. Now. Get out, permanently." 67 52 N 88 O 88 Obviously at first I didn't think she was serious 104 € 4 (16 I told her I was sorry 149 66 I told her I wouldn't do it again, I groveled 152 So that's where we were. 100 82 H 37 A 25 57 676 A 54 S 53 I have no car, no money, no where to go It's -2° outside and past midnight (so technically Saturday) Now I'm a prideful guy, I'll admit P 88 R 87 99 86 26 So me and my gf cleaned ourselves up, embarrassed, ashamed, but mostly laughing 167 Tall Knight Yesterday at 2:06 PM And I walked into the living room to get a blanket so I could sleep in the car (which was my sisters original demand) W 45 T 45 F 45 ? 5 ! 3 ? 3 I then realize she was serious. 93 94 My heart sank down to my ankles realizing I may have just seriously fucked up 64 F 87 U 87 C 85 K 85 M 74 E 74 92 63 8888 S 90 E 90 X 90 155 66 I need an occasional ego check D 83 E 84 - 89 But that night was the first time in years that I begged. Knelt down at my sisters feet as she sat on the couch, and begged It was pathetic. 162 I told her we had no where else to go 153 68 But I kid you not. All she would say, after 15 minutes of pleading, was "I don't care. She's a whore if she spreads her legs like that for you when you just met. Get out.” 57 75 93 80 55 31 D 25 A 25 N 24 G 24 "Vannah, If you do this, you're literally making me homeless, we have no where else to go" 60 "I don't care." She said. "Out. Frankly, I want you homeless. Now get out." (edited) 95 40 97 86 39 48 18 52 I desperately called my best friend, telling him what happened 101 43 72 TikTok Tall Knight on Tik Tok ($TheAverage TallKnight) I'm so scared, idk what I'm gonna do, please help #tallknight #the_tall_knight #homeless #apartment Only enough time to grab my gfs briefcase, put my shoes on, and go outside in the snow. And his kind parents allowed us to sleep in their basement that night. 53 110 F 37 E 37 T 38 And THAT is when I recorded this. Tall Knight Yesterday at 2:13 PM However, it was about 2am at the time, so I saved it to my drafts. I did not post it Friday night, even tho that's when I recorded it. 88 The next day, Brent, (orthodoxmainer from tiktok / Savannah's husband) messaged me (edited) 78 He said I could stay "til the end of the month" (which was 7 days away) since I had already paid rent 79 TW You can stay here until March 1st since you paid rent for the month of February. The girl is not to be here under any circumstances. At the end of the month I need you out. 88 So. Now obviously. There is no way I can speak her without saying things I'll regret OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUSLY After ALLAT ain't no FUCKIN WAY I was gonna be in the same house as my sister again after she did that to us WAS HOW MUCH MONEY I HAD TO MY NAME AFTER BEING KICKED OUT 106 And Brent acts like that was enough money for me to get a new apartment in a WEEK 105 272 29 Yesterday 11:25 AM Tell Vannah to stop trying call me But the plan is I'm gonna sta at a hatal til I can find an 28 I did not lie. 157 9:47 PM 97 After the video had gotten millions and views and my sister had been exposed for the heartless hypocrite she is, She and her husband have now dedicated their lives to tearing down this community I've spent the last 2 years building 136 Y 131 Brent You've been respectful a mature during all this, so thank you for that But I know you guys. And you know me. 131 I did not scam you. (edited) 57 651 62 97 9 because THIS 89 I was over joyed 76 102 87 64 Everything in the video is true. So I declined, and went through with posting the video I had recorded the night before anyway. P 78 C8 E 78 N 78 178 S 78 In an HOUR an HOUR, you guys stepped in and saved me 78 65 I checked my phone and $16,000.00 had been donated D 135 R 131 17 130 470 U 111 So here I am now. 141 111 77 2 (edited) 3 $$ 59 13 19 U 131 G 131 M 131 O 131 N 131 That's the whole story. 163 66 DM me if you have any questions 266 S 123 57 WAS HOW MUCH MONEY I HAD TO MY NAME AFTER BEING KICKED OUT I was kicked out for having premarital sex 165 73 90 81 22 155 Tall Knight Yesterday at 6:45 PM My sister really is something else 31 W 5 3 And my sister has now gotten my church to excommunicate me. (Kick me out.) 31 $ 4 W 3 +2 F 3 09 172 95 127 Staying at a hotel with my gf, until we can find an apartment together. 179 60 83 41 17 E 123 X 123 H 111 W 5 51 37 42 77 4 64 S 123 86 CheskaBitch. Creator My husband and I literally watch porn together what is your point 9m Reply E 131 E 123 X 123 61 L 74 41 56 B 112 56 78 R 112

Since then, Othodox has deleted his video on the matter and another TikToker who accused Tall Knight of scamming has apologized for thinking so. Tall Knight also claims that he's refunding hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations that have been coming in over the past few days to further prove his innocence.

1:03 PM Tall Knight Today at 1:03 PM @everyone hiiiii So I've been DMd a few times asking for proof that I'm sending back the (VAST) majority of the donations, and that's perfectly fine, I understand 100 106 W 77 36 ! 36 41 29 26 25 30 23 Ⓒ 22 18 So here you go 00 47 W 29 P 3 10 13 23 E 3 N 3 13 S 3 Reminder: Gabriel Droit sent you $... Gabriel Droit sent you $80 on 2/22/23... ☆ 9 28 Cash App Feb 23 Reminder: Rashon Thomas sent yo... Rashon Thomas sent you $1 on 2/22/... ☆ Cash App Reminder: William Moore sent you... William Moore sent you $6 on 2/22/23... 14 9 15 Feb 23 Cash App Reminder: Idk Idk requested $50 o... Reminder: Idk ldk requested $50 from... ☆ 13 34 16 121 12 4 13 11 Just know I'm doing my best I am not evil I'm not scamming anyone 20 18 Feb 23 24 11 Cash App Reminder: Emma Fairman sent you... Sydney Crapser On Monday Accept As you can see, shortly after I made the video (a week ago) I made it set so I would have to manually accept each donation, and so that they would not just go into my account automatically 32 W 46 17 4 21 Feb 23 18 That way, after 24h, it gets sent back to the donor 100 78 19 €24 19 24 13 NO ONE 4 ASKED T NO ONE ASKED? 9 G 12 15 S 2 A 9 8 Since then, I have declined hundreds of thousands of dollars by ignoring the donation 100 21 38 G 28 14 21 12 12 12 26 17 16 17 db 2 18 16 12 12 W 27 Geremiah Gross For I've been homel... Javi Campbell $76.50 for samesituatio... Dylan Gibson For this is literally m... 21 10 18 28 8 16 13 15 N 9 10 23 19 23 W 30 13 13 25 11 14 Accept 10 Accept CHA Pay So please... I'm trying my best to the better person I'm turning down life changing amounts of money, and for what? to be called a scammer because my old roommates made a video about me leaving out CRUCIALLY important details 25 11 12 14 8 09 20 12 12 7 15 25 7 22 12 10 NEW

For the full details on the the Tall Knight, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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