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Is Ruby Homophobic Now? The Viral 'RWBY' Meme Explained

Following the latest episode of the anime series RWBY, a viral meme is going around 4chan and Twitter painting Ruby Rose as a homophobe. The Homophobic Ruby meme is inspired by a particular scene from the latest episode, "The Perils of Paper Houses," but is Ruby really shown going on a homophobic rant during the episode? Here's what you need to know. It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

What Is The 'Homophobic Ruby' Meme?

On April 1st, Crunchyroll uploaded season nine episode seven of the anime RWBY. In the episode, Ruby goes on a frustrated rant against some of the other characters. In particular, she walks up to Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long, a same-sex couple, and sarcastically yells, "Good for you by the way, we're all so happy for you."

That same day, Twitter and 4chan users began making jokes misconstruing the scene as a homophobic rant against the couple. In reality, Ruby is angry for other reasons and the scene is not meant to be taken as homophobic, just Ruby venting her anger. Regardless, the scene went viral on both Twitter and 4chan's /co/ board, inspiring tons of memes where Ruby is portrayed as violently homophobic.

Theo @ V9 Spoilers @TheLastOdyssey - Apr 1 Ruby really said "So what if you're gay? You want a medal or sth???" #RWBYV9Spoilers #RWBY9Spoilers 16 1229 Theo @ V9 Spoilers @TheLastOdyssey 1,594 40.6K ... ... Alright, just to be crystal clear, this is a joke. Ruby isn't homophobic. She's just upset that happy things were happening while she was losing her mind. 11:51 AM - Apr 1, 2023-5,854 Views

How Is 'Homophobic Ruby' Used In Memes?

The majority of homophobic Ruby memes take screenshots of Ruby and attach homophobic phrases to them, sometimes purposely misquoting the scene as overtly hateful. This includes a lot of memes where Ruby is shouting anti-LGBTQ+ slurs.

Other memes borrow heavily from the Homophobic Dog meme, which similarly shows a character who is not homophobic (in this case, a dog with same-sex owners) saying homophobic things.

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CHARBINGERART coming out as homophobic Ruby Rose 314 views • 1 year ago 1:27 :

0000 Johann RUBY NO! THINK OF THE ADVERTISERS! @LookAtMyMeat1 0010 PAY 115 6:43 PM - Apr 5, 2023 23.5K Views SHEES A 110 : ...

For the full details on the Homophobic Ruby meme, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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