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What Do 'GG' And 'EZ' Truly Mean? The Popular Gamer Slang Terms Explained

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Published Apr 14, 2023 at 06:39AM EDT by Marwan.

The internet is filled with lots of cool and interesting slang terms. There's the basics such as LOL and Slay, but new ones are constantly being coined by various Zoomers online. In the gamer world, however, there are two phrases that have become a staple in competitive games, "GG" and "EZ".

If you've ever played any online game before, you've probably come across both those terms being thrown around in between toxic flaming between the opposing teams, but the term GG has also seen some use outside the context of gaming as well, usually as a sarcastic response to accounts of foolish acts.

But what is the true meaning behind the two words' slang terms? And where did they originate from? Let's explain.

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What Do "GG" And "EZ" Mean?

"GG" is an internet slang term that stands for "Good Game." If you've ever played any competitive shooter like CS:GO or Overwatch, you'd often see the term get thrown around after a game as a gesture of good sportsmanship.

"EZ" is also an internet slang term that is primarily used in the context of online games as well. Short for "Easy," it is primarily used to troll the opposing team by expressing how easy it was to win the game against them, particularly through the use of the catchphrase "GG EZ," which combines both terms into one.

ggez A phrase used as a taunt at the end of a match in competitive online gaming. It isa contraction of gg and ez. There are several ways of using this phrase: * Honestly (but considered BM), at the end of a steamroll. * Ironically, by the winner. When both teams were equally matched and the final scores are close to one another. One could argue that there was an actual gg, in which both sides had an equal opportunity and skill to secure the win. It is often used to express discontent, possibly as a result of their own team's performance, even though they did win. * Ironically, by the loser. Regardless of the game outcome, a member of the losing party may express "ggez". With that, ironically congratulating the winning team, while simultaneously insulting the team members of their own losing team. Telling the winning team that the reason for their victory was the poor performance of the losing team It can be argued that gg stands for git gud (rather than "good game"), as another layer of insult. Red team wins! Red #4: ggwp Red # 1: ggez Red #2: ggez Blue team wins! Red #3: ggez #ggwp #gg #league of legends #dota #overwatch #csgo #heroes #ez #rude by report all June 21, 2016

Where Do The Two Terms Come From?

GG saw its first use in an article on the Internet Chess Club website in October 1999, but over time the term quickly spread in more and more online games, such as Diablo II and Starcraft. Eventually, it was quickly adopted as the go-to catchphrase for ending a game on good terms.

The earliest submission of "EZ" was on the Urban Dictionary forums on March 10th, 2003. Over time, the term also quickly became popularized in many games, especially in League Of Legends.

Soon after, the term "GG EZ" was created, usually as a sarcastic way of telling the opponent that they were a very easy match.

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How Are They Used In Memes?

As mentioned above, both GG and EZ are primarily used in gaming contexts, but GG has also seen some use outside of gaming, usually on message boards or forums as a response for when you get a really bad loss in real life.

However, they have also introduced other related terms, such as "BG" (short for Bad Game) and GLHF (short for Good Luck Have Fun), which have also been used in lots of gaming contexts.

For more information on the slang terms, you can read about GG and EZ in their full entries here.

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