Calculator 304 turned upside-down to form the word "hoe"

What Does 304 Mean On TikTok? The '304 Woman' Internet Slang Explained

Spelling words using a calculator has been a cultural heritage passed on for decades by using numbers displayed upside-down on a calculator screen, like the 304 trend, which has been turned into an internet slang that gained popularity on TikTok recently.

The "calculator words" custom has been shared and preserved through generations of children sniggering the word "BOOBS" (tutorial below) in their calculators during math class.

Here’s what you should know about the 304 slang and how TikTokers are using the creative codeword to discuss adult-themed topics.

What Does 304 Mean?

304 is a "calculator word" to refer to a promiscuous woman, as typing "304" into a calculator and turning it upside down appears to spell the word "hoe" (or "5304" into "hoes"). The term is often used to specifically reference prostitutes and sex workers and was first defined online in the Online Slang Dictionary in 2000 by Clarence M. (seen below).

A "hoe", i.e. a promiscuous female. "304" read upside-down looks like the letters "hoe". This is especially evident on the seven-segment LED displays on digital calculators and wristwatches.

How Did 304 Become A Viral Internet Slang?

The 304 reference spread throughout the early 2020s, particularly in 2023 with the rise of manosphere alpha male content creators like Andrew Tate and the Whatever Podcast as a more low-key way of calling women "hoes" and avoiding censorship on social media platforms. For example, on February 11th, 2023, YouTuber Modern Life Dating posted a video titled "304 Ridicules Herself."

How Is The 304 Slang Used On TikTok?

Although the term was mainly used with a negative connotation towards female sex workers, TikTokers are using 304 codeword as an opportunity to resignify the slang and avoid the app’s strict moderating rule against adult-themed topics. For instance, a TikTok hashtag ‘#304tok’ emerged in 2023, providing a space for sex workers to discuss their experiences, answer questions, and educate people (examples below).

@lucyhuxleyxxx #304tok #304life ♬ original sound – Lucy Huxley

@areyoukunt #304 #304tok ♬ meaty get on your zoom – Queenzzielocthevoice

For the full history of "304," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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