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What Does 'Colorado Campfire' Mean? The Explicit Slang Term And 'Don't Google' Trend Explained

Picture of a s'more which represents a "Colorado campfire."
Picture of a s'more which represents a "Colorado campfire."
By Owen Carry

Published 8 months ago

Published 8 months ago

Reverse psychology is at its best when you tell someone to not Google something because they're most likely going to Google it right away. The latest "Don't Google" trend is the phrase "Colorado campfire" which sounds innocent enough.

Of course, however, when one discovers the definition of "Colorado campfire" on Urban Dictionary, they realize that they were never supposed to know it in the first place.

You might not want to look much further than this website. But if you're brave and want to know the meaning of "Colorado campfire," be our guest. Let's explain.

What Does 'Colorado Campfire' Mean?

A "Colorado campfire" is an objectively gross, sexual act that starts with a marshmallow being inserted into a person's rear end. Once inside, a man inserts himself to push the marshmallow upwards. When the marshmallow finally comes back out, it's put between two graham crackers and eaten like a s'more.

So, there you have it: a "Colorado campfire." Was it everything you dreamed of?

Where Did 'Colorado Campfire' Originate From?

Although the phrase sounds like it started in the American state of Colorado, it's ultimately unknown where the actual act originates from. In fact, it's difficult to tell if anyone has even done a Colorado campfire in human history.

Like many of these "Don't Google" phrases, the first utterance of "Colorado campfire" was on the website Urban Dictionary and it was added in 2016. However, like many words and phrases in the Urban Dictionary, "Colorado campfire" is more than likely a made-up term, created by someone who was bored on a weekend.

For the full history of Colorado campfire, be sure to check out our entry on the meme for even more information.

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