Michael Jordan's face with the text "F Them Kids" placed over it.

What Does 'F*** Them Kids' Mean?

It's a phrase you might've read and heard many times online -- F*** them kids. For some, it's a type of ironic motto. But what does this phrase mean, and did Michael Jordan ever actually say it?

Where Did F*** Them Kids Come From?

The quote's pairing with a picture of basketball player Michael Jordan came from an incident that happened during a charity event with kids in the summer of 2016. Jordan never said "F*** them kids," but he did win a bet against a bunch of children. Jordan, on the court, bet the kids that if he missed three shots, they would get free basketball shoes. Jordan then proceeded to make all of the shots, and none of the kids got Jordans.

Some posters online enjoyed the competitiveness of Jordan and made the meme. Two years later, the meme surfaced in a viral and controversial Twitter thread, in which a man who left his wife and kids for another woman celebrated his decision. Many people were outraged by this thread, which used the image of Jordan saying "F*** them kids."

King. @_kingneal the out of my girlfriend the night I met her and just never went home. After spending a week at her crib I just asked how much was the rent and ever since. been payin they | It'll be a year in October 12:01 AM 13 Sep 18 from Palos Heights, IL 13K Retweets 70.6K Likes King. @_kingneal - 5h Everybody askin if I was homeless or lived with my parents. No, i left my wife and kids for her. She's Sunshine from Harlem Nights 45 1537 King. @_kingneal - 3h 2,474 MNB them kids." 23 334 them kids." 2,032 King. @_kingneal - 2h I'm a semi retired rapper so I'm not gon promote any music so follow my girlfriend. @TickleMeHellNo and ask her if I can tell the whole story. She's also a content creator, social media manager, and virtual assistant King. @_kingneal 4h The wedding gon be in Bali. You comin? 91 22 14

By 2019, it had become a standard reaction image and catchphrase. It remains iconic to this day.

What Does F*** Them Kids Mean?

It is a statement of complete amorality. Usually, people are supposed to care for children. By saying "F*** them kids," a poster abandons all ethical and moral rules, choosing instead to chase after their own self-interest. Often, this is done ironically, but sometimes people just need to be selfish.

Staff- Please watch your language in front of the Nutcracker Children's cast. Me- made with mematic "F them kids." When you're paying at the grocery store and they want to know if you want to donate $1 to the starving children "F them kids." @whitepeoplehumor

How Do People Use F*** Them Kids?

Often, the reaction image is used to describe somebody else's behavior. It's kind of tongue-in-cheek. Other times, it's used by people to describe their own behavior.

Pretty soon, users started pairing the meme with characters and people who weren't Michael Jordan. But the star of The Last Dance and frequently memed MVP is still the main person the meme is associated with.

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For the full history of this meme, be sure to check out our entry here for even more information.

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