Three girls doing the 'my roman empire' trend

What Does 'My Roman Empire' Mean? TikTok's Viral 'This Is My Roman Empire' Meme Explained

A new trend is going around TikTok and X, formerly Twitter, that has everybody revealing what their Roman Empire is. The trend is inspired by the recent how often do you think about the Roman Empire trend and it's resulted in some funny and surprisingly emotional results. But what does it mean to be someone's Roman Empire? Here's what you need to know.


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What Is The 'My Roman Empire' Meme?

The "my Roman Empire" trend is directly inspired by the "How often do you think about the Roman Empire?" trend which went viral across social media throughout September. The trend had women asking their boyfriends how often they think about the Roman Empire. To the surprise and hilarity of many, the boys often admitted to thinking about the Roman Empire multiple times a week, or even multiple times a day.

In the middle of September, people who don't think about the Roman Empire so much decided to take the meme down a new path. They began posting images and videos to TikTok and X that represent something they find themselves consistently thinking about, whether it's a specific scene from a movie, a person or a moment in time.

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How Is 'My Roman Empire' Used In Memes?

The "My Roman Empire" meme is easy to participate in. On TikTok, users are posting videos featuring simple captions describing their Roman Empire. Many of the videos feature women discussing a moment or person that altered their life, venting about relationship and dating problems or sharing scenes from movies or TV shows that they constantly come back to.

On X, the meme is largely being used the same way. Users are posting videos or images of something they consistently think of, including people, movies, scenes and more. If there's something you often find yourself thinking about, feel free to call that thing your Roman Empire and get some internet points.


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For the full history of the My Roman Empire meme, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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