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What Is 'BBL Drizzy,' The Metro Boomin Instrumental That Everyone's Using To Diss Drake?

There is a ton of stuff going on in the Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud, but as fans debate who's winning the pair's battle of words, perhaps the most effective salvo fired into the fray was by Metro Boomin, a producer who allowed the entire world to clown on Drake by sparking arguably the most viral meme of the feud, BBL Drizzy.

Here, we'll break down the grenade Metro Boomin fired into the feud and how it might just be the most effective weapon in the court of public opinion on Drake vs. Kendrick.

What Is "BBL Drizzy"?

First off, it's important to note that producer Metro Boomin (referenced in the famous If Young Metro don't trust you, Imma shoot you line from Kanye West's The Life of Pablo album) is on Kendrick's side in the Drake vs. Lamar feud. It was on the Metro/Future/Kendrick song "Like That" that Kendrick first entered the fray in the battle against Drake and J. Cole (Cole has since removed himself from their feud).

As Kendrick and Drake began firing vicious diss tracks at each other, Metro took a more irreverent approach to the feud, releasing a beat he called "BBL Drizzy."

The beat is a remix of an AI-generated meme song made by comedian @kingwillonious, which is a humorous contribution to the BBL Drake meme (more on that later).

Metro Boomin decided to turn the beat into a contest: whoever rapped the best verse over the beat would win a free beat from Metro himself. He then upped the ante and offered a $10,000 prize to the writer of the best verse in addition to the free beat.

What Is A BBL And the "BBL Drake" Meme?

"BBL" stands for "Brazilian Butt Lift," a plastic surgery that improves the look of one's kiester. Around 2020, memes began spreading that people who got a BBL would begin acting more confidently and showing off their butt more. The following year, Drake seemed to exhibit the behavior of someone who got a BBL, leading users to joke that a knee surgery he got in 2020 was actually a BBL, and thus BBL Drake was born.

@zjon.c 🗣🗣💯 @4jhyo @hyphonix @m1kasaslave @iluvincest #drake #goofy #crazy #baddie #cute #nickiminaj ♬ No Clue (feat. Lil Yachty) – Young Nudy

"BBL Drizzy" may have been the most brilliant play in this feud so far. In essence, Metro Boomin provided the opportunity for anyone interested a chance to go viral rapping about how much they disliked Drake, and many incredible entries into his "contest" racked up millions of views and listens in days.

Now, not only does Drake have to deal with Kendrick Lamar's eviscerating diss tracks becoming club bangers, songs from relative nobodies on social media rapping about how much they dislike Drake are attracting listeners from all over the globe (quite literally).

For the full history of BBL Drizzy, check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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