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What Is 'Christ-For-Arms' And Is This Humorous-Looking Movie Actually Real?

Over the past few days, a film has been sweeping the nation* (*Twitter). We talk, of course, about Christ-For-Arms, which looks like the most absurd bargain bin Middle America Walmart DVD that's ever existed.

The plot, judging from the cover, seems to concern a young boy whose arms turn into golden crosses, symbolizing his devotion to Jesus Christ. This leads to much mockery from his peers, to the point where they throw beans on him. It also has three new EDM songs by Daldo!

way ASHERS SHOES ATE NINJO CH WIMBLEDON CHILDREN'S CHRIST FILMS CHRIST-FOR-ARMS They made fun of him... FEATURING THREE NEW EDM SONGS - CHRIST VHS $2.99 For his arms. + BEANS They Threw Beans On Him from DALDO TAPAL DAN "A movie about an important lesson..." Daldo DINOSAURS @TRUEWAGNER

Is Christ-For-Arms the next lost media gem destined to be covered by low-budget, public-access TV roasters? Not exactly. If you took a look at Christ-For-Arms and thought "There's no way this is real," you were right. Christ-For-Arms is a gag that blossomed into a full-blown meme over the past week. Let's break down how we got here.

What Is 'Christ-For-Arms?'

Christ-For-Arms is the brainchild of social media comedian Alan Wagner, who posted the image of the fake movie cover to his social media accounts on October 20th, 2021. There are several details that make Christ-For-Arms difficult to take seriously, but Christian media has been known to be particularly bizarre, especially if you're outside of the community. Just to be sure, the detectives at Lost Media Wiki were able to quickly confirm that it was just a gag by finding the job listing Wagner put up for a freelancer to make him a goofy Christian movie cover.

After an initial surge in popularity in the week after it was first posted, the Christ-For-Arms cover occasionally saw reposts on social media. A "Daldo" even showed up on YouTube posting EDM tunes, though it's unclear if this guy is part of the gag or just a fan adding to the meme.

Why Is It A Meme Now?

After months of occasional reposts, Christ-For-Arms exploded in popularity on February 19th, when Twitter user @mandyizhere posted the cover and called it "Christian Chainsaw Man."

Amand e @mandyizhere Christian chainsaw man - CHILDREN'S CHRIST FILMS CHRIST-FOR-ARMS They made fun of him... FEATURING THREE NEW EDM SONGS from DALDO CHRIST VHS $2.99 11:18 PM. Feb 19, 2023 3.4M Views For his arms. 13M "A movie about an important lesson..." BEANS They Threw Beans On Him Daldo ...

The post went viral, gaining 20,000 retweets in just a day. Mandy's comparison is pretty apt—though the meme predates the Chainsaw Man anime, the protagonist of Christ-For-Arms sports crosses where his hands once were, just as Denji sports chainsaws in place of his arms.

Reject modernity FIT JUMP COMICS Embrace tradition CHILDREN'S CHRIST FILMS CHRIST-FOR-ARMS They made fun of him... 6 THREE SONGS FEATU TURING NEW EDM SON from DALDO CHRIST VHS $2.99 For his arms. They Threw Beans On Him "A A movie about an important lesson..." 2 -Daldo

Why Did They Throw Beans On Him?

The comparison led to a deluge of Christ-For-Arms_/_Chainsaw Man jokes and fan art, but as a result of the spread of Christ-For-Arms through the anime fandom, many viewers came across Christ-For-Arms for the first time, and glommed onto one of the image's best jokes: "They threw beans on him."

me and the boys at 2am BEANS BEANS Threw Beans On Him

"They threw beans on him" follows in the internet's rich tradition of turning the word "Beans" into absurd memes, and soon "They threw beans on him" trended on Twitter, much to the confusion of anyone who didn't know what that sentence meant.

pod!! @Podnip_. 17h "THEY THREW BEANS ON HIM. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???" "WORLD WAR III ERECTION" Trending THEY THREW BEANS ON HIM 3,954 Tweets Trending WHAT DOES THIS MEAN 8,524 Tweets Politics - Trending World War III 31.8K Tweets Trending Erection 11.5K Tweets 100 1,657 9,940 ₁690K ↑ :

With a bunch of Twitter users repeating "They threw beans on him," more people discovered the meme, leading to the Christ-For-Arms mania we're experiencing this week.

For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry for Christ-For-Arms.

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