Incredible Gassy meme character depicting a green parody version on Mr incredible.

Incredible Gassy

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Incredible Gassy is a parody version of Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles depicted as morbidly obese, wearing a lime-green suit and with superpowers related to farting. The character was commissioned by artist Bobo Comics in 2021 for a fart fetish animation and became increasingly popularized over the following years, becoming the subject of Soyjak comics and memes throughout 2023.


On June 4th, 2021, YouTuber[1] I Like Basset Hounds posted a cropped, SFW version of the "Incredible Gassy" animation (shown below). The original animation depicts Incredible Gassy, a parody version of Mr. Incredible created by artist Bobo Comics for a commission, likely sometime in 2021 and originally posted on an unknown date, riding a sex toy while farting. The video gained over 16,200 views in two years. On February 8th, 2022, Bobo Comics (@BobocomicsArt) responded to a user on Twitter[2] asking for more "gas" art, writing, "Sorry man. Gassy stuff are 'not my cup of tea' at all and I did such works before for commissions only." The uncensored version has been posted to Twitter and the /r/Gassers subreddit numerous times.

Incredible Gassy was possibly commissioned or popularized by Twitter users @incrediblegassy (zuken) and @BlaaaastarO9, although this is unconfirmed,[6] and an entry on[13] denounces Zuken's involvement in popularizing the meme.


Incredible Gassy started to appear in memes around August 2022. For example, on August 14th, 2022, Instagram[3] user absolutenutcase162 posted a SpongeBob comic featuring Incredible Gassy, garnering over 1,800 likes in seven months (shown below). In the comic, he is only referred to as "fat Mr. Incredible."

STUDENTS, STUDENT PLEASE QUIET! Now I know that the interruptions of the falling fat Mr. Incredible are disruptive but we must continue with our studies. If we recall last week's session, we examined two works from late author John Steinbeck @absolutenutcase 162 OO

On September 29th, 2022, Twitter[4] user @UncannyTwt posted, "Stop sending me nsfw submissions i'm only 14 and i just had to witness fat mr incredible jumping on a dildo and farting," garnering over 19,000 likes and 1,300 retweets in six months. On October 16th, the post was reposted by Instagram[5] user milkshake.mp3 along with an additional comment sharing Incredible Gassy, garnering over 11,900 likes in five months (shown below). On January 1st, 2023, the same Instagram[7] user posted an SFW edit of the animation that gained over 11,000 views in two months.

20h Stop sending me nsfw submissions i'm only 14 and i just had to witness fat mr incredible jumping on a dildo and farting 314 1.361 15.7K Replying to That's horrible INCREDIBLE GASSY PATREON 19 ⠀

On January 20th, 2023, a SoyBooru[8] user posted a Soyjak version of Incredible Gassy (shown below, left). On January 27th, another SoyBooru[9] user posted a comic where Incredible Gassy saves a girl from having her adrenochrome harvested (shown below, right). The comic was reposted to /r/ihaveihaveihavereddit[10] on February 2nd, garnering over 1,600 upvotes in a month. On February 15th, another Soyjak Incredible Gassy comic was posted to /r/wordington,[11] garnering over 1,300 upvotes in a month.


On March 25th, Twitter[12] user @incrediblegassy posted a Soyjak animation featuring Incredible Gassy (shown below).

Various Examples

omg Mr. incredible hopping on a fat dildo while farting 'hi!!! x AWARD AGAIN POSTED IT "I'M GASSY, AND THAT'S GOOD I'LL never BE REGULAR, AND THAT'S NOT BAD THERE's no one I'D RATHER BE, THAN me." -Incredible Gassy days since last shooting a bro! Oh no, Shooterjak is back! Run for it! Hey, punk... to be continued... I know who to call! *AR-15 style rifle GET A LOAD A' THIS! GO GAS VACUUM! Don't sweat it! AAAA! Thank you, mister Gassy!

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