Image from the Freedom Day animation.

What Is Freedom Day By Tansau? The Lewd Statue Of Liberty Animation Explained

The recontextualization of graphic cartoon content will, for some reason, always be trendy. The newest animation entering the lewd lore has been dubbed the Statue of Liberty Animation. For those more in the know, its actual name is "Freedom Day" by Tansau.

Within the past month, TikTokers and YouTubers became infatuated with this version of Lady Liberty. It seems like the 4th of July has finally found its new and hip mascot, pushing good ol’ Uncle Sam to the wayside.

So what is this oddly patriotic and also suggestive animation? Where did it come from and why is it trending in memes now? Let’s explain.

What Is The ‘Statue Of Liberty’ Animation, a.k.a ‘Freedom Day By Tansau?’

Tansau is a YouTuber, but like most great YouTubers nowadays, most of their content is raunchy cartoon animations. In June of last year, the animator with a semi-large subscriber base posted a trailer for what they called "July 4th 2022 AD."

The animation was set to drop on their Patreon at midnight of July 4th, 2022. As promised, the creator followed through with the promise, leading to SFW variations surfacing on YouTube soon after. Also, similar to the A Girl’s Perspective animation, "Freedom Day" by Tansau later went viral on Newgrounds.

How Did The ‘Statue Of Liberty’ Animation Become A Meme?

Like many lewd animation memes such as "Ankha Zone" or "Aunt Cass checks your browser history," memes made using the "Statue of Liberty" animation are dependent on a bait-and-switch ploy that gets the coomer viewer a little too invested in the video only to not reveal anything and label them a creep.

Lewd animation memes and their humor are also entirely dependent on the innocent expectation that a cartoon emits. Just like any piece of Rule 34 art, what the cartoon character reveals to the viewer is never expected. In fact, it’s often out-of-character in a way that breaks the "fourth wall" of hornyposting.

For the full history of the Statue of Liberty animation, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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