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What Is Glaggleland? The Creepy Fictional Themepark Invented By Zoomers Explained

The internet's latest Creepypasta obsession is a mysterious theme park name Glaggleland, a place that wields its own unique vocabulary just as easily as it crowds your algorithms as soon as you engage with it. It is the latest meme to enter the internet creepy lore canon, with memes about the fictional amusement park appearing on social media in 2021.

Here's the lore on all the Glaggleland lore and vocabulary you need to navigate the park's terrain, and a refresher on the difference between the two smiley faces Giggler and Enphoso.

the rides of glaggleland OOPS! KNOW YOUR GLAGGLES This information may save your life. Giggler Enphoso Trustworthy Stable Sociable Sympathetic Lacking Direction CANNOT BE TRUSTED Unpredictable Reclusive Often Hostile Determined

What Is Glaggleland, And Where Did It Come From?

Glaggleland is a made-up amusement park that is portrayed in meme culture in a vaguely creepy way, and the plot to create it's mythology was first hatched in a Discord group. The park's symbol is a yellow smiley face, and smileys are a recurring image in Glaggleland lore. For example, the "glognut" is a smiley-shaped donut cake that is supposedly served at the park. The below image, as well as most early Glaggleland memes, came from the Instagram page @glaggles.

thorn glognuts

Other early Glaggleland memes focus on the rides in the amusement park, which are portrayed in a fast-paced unsettling video format to reinforce the creepy aspect of the park.

How Did Glaggleland Memes Spread?

Glaggleland lore deepened as the original Discord group that created the meme continued its pursuit to raise awareness of it. An official subreddit for the meme was created in 2021, and @glaggles made another video about Glaggleland's rides, this time in collaboration with the Instagram page @enphoso.

The meme also became the beginning of the Giggler Vs. Enphoso aspect of the meme, in which two smiley faces are shown to be diametrically opposed good and evil beings.

What Are Some Other Aspects Of Glaggleland Lore?

Other pieces of Glaggleland lore that often appear in memes are the "Glaggleland Disaster" and the various made-up words used to reference things and snacks available at the park. These usually take some form of glog- and glag- prefixed terms, such as "glognuts," "glognauts" and "glogged." The bizarre nature of the foundation of Glaggleland lore inspired other people to make their own content about the meme, and thus, a new creepypasta was born.


A point in the horizon, a melting scene from your childhood. Your mortality is showing. A frantic drift towards nothing, biology doomed to an infinite recursive loop. Teeth with teeth with teeth. Take a bite. Serene scent of a coastal town, warmth of the sun. Bitter tears. Lust for power. This is where you abandoned your dreams. You are a high net worth individual, an expanding vortex of pathetic trauma. Finally a beautiful fucking nerve ape. A pure soul is born, its neurotransactions stutter into being. 30583750937509353 operations per nanosecond. Beauty eludes your porous mind. The value of Life is negative. The balance of being is rotated by 38 degrees. The surface is full of cracks, a turgid light shines through. Fleshy primordial bodies sluggishly roll down the slope. Only you slide upwards, with a celestial step. You become beautified, a saintly figure. Your pristine idiocy reveals a safe path through the impenetrable fog of Life. Your dull sword cuts through the weak tendons and membranes of the garden of corruption. Sit on the throne of contentment and ferment. Inspect the eternal blue skies of your kingdom. You come to a realization. You pick up an onion and begin peeling. Onion layer one. Onion layer two. Onion layer three. Onion layer n^n. Aeons have passed and the onion is fully peeled. Nothing remains. It's perfect. You get lost in the point that remains where the onion used to be. Synaptic cascade, neurological catastrophe. The point becomes infinitely dense, the universe condenses into a unicellular being. It screams sin. It craves happiness. It's done with this world. It tries to commit suicide but fails. Sad pathetic mess. You feel pity and disgust but in a way only a being of pure grace can. In your violent mercy you terminate the worldlife.

♬ original sound – keegan


For the full history of Glaggleland, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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