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What Is 'Iglooing' And Why Is The Slang Term Trending On TikTok?

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What Is Iglooing?

To put this in as scientifically plain terms as possible, "iglooing" refers to the act of defecating into a condom, freezing the doodoo-filled condom, then using the result as an anal sex toy.

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There have been a number of gross-out slang words that have popped up on TikTok over the past few years as part of a broader don't Google trend that's grown popular with Gen Z. "Iglooing" has taken up the mantle of that noble tradition after a clip from humor podcast Sexted My Boss began going viral on the app.

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In the segment, the hosts read a letter submitted to the podcast in which a woman claims to have met an American couple and found poop-filled condoms in their freezer, causing them to explain that one of them is into "iglooing." Much shock ensues. From there, the term began spreading through Australian TikTok before becoming a dark bit of online ephemera lurking in the shadows of the internet.

Is "Iglooing" A Real Thing People Do?

While we can't speak for the kinks of the entire human population, our humble opinion is that this is probably not something that actually happens. Granted, this may be wishful thinking, but a look at the history of the term "Iglooing" makes it sound way less like a thing people do and more like something a teenager made up.

The earliest known appearance of the term "Iglooing" is an Urban Dictionary post from February 28th, 2003. Since then, it has gotten other names, such as the "Alaskan Pipeline" and "The Alaskan Special."

At the time, Urban Dictionary was a bit of a "wild west" for the internet. Users could submit basically anything onto the site, and moderators would leave it up. The writer of this very article did exactly that with several jokes they thought of once when they were 13. Furthermore, the "definition" of iglooing is so outlandish that it sounds very much like a gross-out body horror gag conceived by a kid, like the "Poop back and forth forever" bit from Me, You, and Everyone We Know.

This doesn't mean that it doesn't actually happen in real life and there's currently no way to prove whether "Iglooing" is an actual kink one way or the other, but any chance it's real is balanced out by an equally good chance that iglooing was just a made-up joke told among tweens in the early 2000s and was recently revived by a podcast listener in an effort to prank the hosts.

Is Iglooing Safe?

Most likely not. Because we are incredible journalists, we Googled the effect extreme temperatures have on condoms and it turns out that freezing a condom and then putting into an extremely warm area, such as the inside of a human body, is very likely to damage the integrity of the condom. Should a break occur, one need not imagine the potential consequences of poop returning from whence it came.

For more information, check out the Know Your Meme entry on Iglooing.

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