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What Is The 'Change My Mind' Meme? Steven Crowder's Rise To Meme Fame And His Recent Divorce Controversies Explained

Steven Crowder is a conservative Canadian-American podcaster presently in the news for his messy divorce from his wife. But Crowder wasn't always at the receiving end of conservative criticism; his rise to popular fame arguably began with a viral meme template that some people don't even know originated from him.

If you've seen an image of a man sitting at a table and drinking a coffee with a sign that reads some variation of the phrase, Change My Mind, you've seen a Steven Crowder meme. Here's the lore on the conservative internet creator who has been making waves in the news cycle today.


Who Is Steven Crowder?

Steven Crowder is a conservative comedian best known for his online talk show Louder with Crowder. His path to fame began with his YouTube channel in 2006, where he steadily gained an audience of over 5.8 million subscribers over the next decade. His channel went on to bag him an opinion web column with Fox News in 2009.

What Is The Change My Mind Meme?

The Change My Mind meme is a viral image featuring Crowder sitting at a table that has a giant sign that reads, "______ Change My Mind." The image originally read, "Male Privilege is a Myth, Change My Mind" and was part of a video shoot where Crowder would go to University campuses and debate students.

Crowder promoted the video by posting a tweet that went on to become the viral meme in question. The image was relentlessly parodied by both supporters and haters of Crowder and became so popular that some people sharing the meme never learned about its conservative roots.

Steven Crowder > Hello @TCU. Come one come all #ChangeMyMind MALE PRIVILEGE IS AMYTH CHANGE MY MIND

What Are Some Examples Of The Change My Mind Meme?

Memes using Crowder's "Change My Mind" image first began with criticisms of Crowder himself, joking about his prowess in bed, imagining him to have bizarre proclivities, and Photoshopping the original image to mock and belittle him.


Why Is Steven Crowder In The News?

Steven Crowder has been making waves in news cycles recently due to his public divorce from his wife and the mother of his twin children. Crowder first announced the divorce himself in his talk show Louder with Crowder, a platform he often dedicates to discussing conservative family values.

But Crowder found himself in hot water and was criticized, even by his conservative peers, after a video of him being very rude and dismissive to his eight-month pregnant wife was published on the internet.

Crowder went on to be "exposed" by fellow conservative talk show host and activist Candace Owens for purportedly missing the birth of his own children because he was supposedly recovering from an elective and purely cosmetic chest enhancement surgery.

For the full history of Steven Crowder, be sure to check out our entry on the Change My Mind meme here, and his divorce here for even more information.

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