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What Is The 'Last Demon Dance?' Is TikTok's Alleged Gang Member Dance Real Explained

There's a new dance going around TikTok, but it's not one that just anybody can do. A 2019 viral video of a man breakdancing after a police chase has got people buzzing about the supposed "last demon dance," a dance that's supposedly only performed by high-ranking gang members after they're caught by police. But is it real? Here's what you need to know.

What Is The Last Demon Dance?

Back in March 2019, multiple news outlets reported that a man wanted for reckless driving started breakdancing at police gunpoint following a chase with authorities. To make things even better, multiple videos of the man dancing were posted online, showing the reckless driver breaking it down as police surround him.

The videos went viral but largely flew to the wayside in the following years. That is, until February 2023, when a TikToker posted a video claiming that the man is doing the "last demon dance," a dance that purportedly (according to one TikToker) is only done by high-ranking gang members and leaders after they've been caught by the police.

How Is The Last Demon Dance Used In Memes?

The video went viral on TikTok in February 2023 and continued to spread throughout March as users reuploaded it. The majority of these videos feature a song over the dance. Some of them also feature effects over the video to hype up the man's dance even further.

The videos also started referring to the dance as the last demon dance, some of them sharing the alleged story that it's performed by high-ranking gang members.

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The last demon dance

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Is The Last Demon Dance Real?

There do not appear to be any sources other than TikTok that have reported on the last demon dance. It is not a known dance that gang members perform and there are seemingly no other videos of people performing it. Further, the man that was arrested in the video was not reported to be a gang member, just a man wanted for reckless driving. It's most likely that the last demon dance is made up.

For the full details on the last demon dance, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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