The "E E Ei" meme from TikTok.

What's The 'E E Ei' Meme? The Piece Of Meat Singing 'E E Ei, I'm On Vacation' Explained

A video of a steak singing, "E E Ei, I'm on vacation," is a meme now.

The misheard song lyric speech bubble trend adds to a now-storied history, including the Oi Oi Oi meme and Gegagedigedagedago (among others rotting your Gen Alpha sibling's brain).

But what are the "E E Ei" meme lyrics? What's the actual "E E Ei" song? Where did this meme come from and who is that creepy piece of meat singing it? Let's explain.

What's The 'E E Ei' Song?

The song used in the "E E Ei" meme is called "Vacation" by Dirty Heads. What the singer is actually saying is, "Ay ay ay, I'm on vacation," but the meme has mispronounced it as "E e ei, Imon vagayxon."

Where Did The 'E E Ei' Meme Come From?

The "E E Ei" meme was started by a TikToker named @eeeioficial who (unfortunately) was recently deleted from the app. It is currently unknown why their account was suspended or if they self-deleted.

Regardless, the user's original videos gained thousands of views and likes, spawning the most popular TikTok sound for the meme.

@.cloudyoon E e ei.. #eieiei #eeei #flop #bife #carne #capcut ♬ E e ei – eeeioficial

@avviso662 ei ei ei, I'm on vacation #meat #eieie #meatmeme #imonvacation #lakaka ♬ E e ei – eeeioficial

What Are The 'E E Ei' Lyrics?

The lyrics for "Vacation" by Dirty Heads are, "Ay ay ay, I'm on vacation, every single day 'cause I love my occupation." However, the lyrics for the "E E Ei" meme are slightly different. They go:

E e ei
I'm on vacation
Every single day
'Cause I love my occupation.

Where Does The 'E E Ei' Meat Come From?

The piece of meat shown singing "E E Ei" is actually named "Charlie, the Steak" from the 2013 iOS app game. Charlie was a popular app back in the day. He talks to the player similar to Talking Tom, so, this meme's not too far off from the truth.

For the full history of E E Ei, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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