Girl With Trout Video Using a Trout For Clout Explained

What's The 'Girl With Trout' Video, Also Known As 'Using A Trout For Clout?'

As far as shock videos go, "Using a Trout for Clout" may sound pretty tame. But this video, allegedly from Australia's Tasmania, shows a lady with a trout in a place where a fish should not be, ever. It's also being called "1 girl 1 trout."

On top of that, the man and woman also allegedly defiled a cemetery's gravestone of a beloved artist. Yikes, it sure sounds like it was an eventful day. What more is there to know about this terrible "trout video" that's being shared on Reddit and Twitter?

What Is The 'Girl With Trout' Video?

Yesterday, a video surfaced on Twitter of a woman on a fishing boat. The camera then panned down to the woman's more private region where a fish was located. Long story short, the fish was not supposed to be there, likely forced in by the woman's male accomplice.

Why Is The Video Called 'Using A Trout For Clout?'

After a trimmed version of the video was shared on Twitter, a full-length and explicit version was shared on Reddit's /r/Unexpected subreddit. It was quickly removed by the subreddit's moderators and the Redditor who shared it was immediately banned. Regardless, that Redditor was the one who titled the post, "Using a Trout for Clout."

BloodyLoveLeh @No2ofTheBLB The lady killing the trout/fish by ramming it up the old front bottom has been posted in to the BloodyLoveLeh brotherhood. Com website 350k times in 5 days Watt a f------ bazaar world we live ind @No2ofTheBLB #FishingGirls #trout 94.1K views 6:33 AM Jan 24, 2023 180.2K Views : 0:04/0:09 ²

Who Is The Woman In The 'Using A Trout For Clout' Video?

After the video surfaced on Twitter and Reddit, Australian news outlets Mercury and published articles about a couple allegedly located in Tasmania who'd filmed two explicit videos that had surfaced online.

The first video was the infamous "trout video." The other was allegedly of the same couple, showing them getting freaky on top of the grave of deceased artist David Hammond Chapman. According to the news outlets, Tasmanian police were investigating the videos to see if they took place in Tasmania as well as to identify who the two people are.

A couple have filmed themselves having sex on a grave in Tasmania.

For the full history of Using A Trout For Clout, be sure to check out our entry on the video here for even more information.

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