Beetlejuice What Are You Doing? Just Hanging Around meme video

What's The Original Beetlejuice 'What Are You Doing? Just Hanging Around' Video? The Beetlepimp Meme Explained

Beetlejuice, also known as Beetlepimp or just Beet, is a relic of the boxing world. He's also a notable meme character, and currently, he's the star of a new TikTok meme called "What are you doing? Just hanging around."

In the original video, he's standing in a hotel room, talking emotionally to the camera's holder. However, in the greenscreen memes that have since used it, the joke is all about being humorously ignorant about an embarrassing situation.

TikTokers and other meme enjoyers have been curious about where the original video comes from and how to make the meme for themselves. So, let's explain.

What Is The Original Beetlejuice 'What Are You Doing? Just Hanging Around' Video?

The original video from the meme was an Instagram post uploaded in late 2021 by Beetlejuice's manager Robert "Bobby" Rooney, whose username on the app is @bobbyrooney175. The video is a few minutes long, and in it, Rooney is asking Beet about why he's been so absent in the boxing world. Beet kept reiterating how he didn't want to be around those people anymore, and when asked, "What are you doing?" he said, "Nothing… Me? Just hanging around."

How Did Beetlejuice's 'What Are You Doing? Just Hanging Around' Video Become A Meme?

Like any video meme nowadays, users on TikTok discovered Rooney's video, finding the moment when Beet says, "Just hanging around" quite funny. In the week that followed the original Instagram post, it was made into a meme by TikToker @regancurtisdrift_98, who eventually restarted the trend in April 2023 when he posted a second video that went viral.

After @regancurtisdrift_98 made Beetlejuice's audio into a TikTok sound, many on the platform started using the editing app CapCut to make a greenscreen template. Eventually, an actual CapCut template was created, resulting in Beetlejuice being layered over many backgrounds, paired with captions that portrayed ignorance when confronted about one's current activities.

From TikTok, the memes spread across social media, to Instagram, iFunny, Reddit and elsewhere. Eventually, Robert Rooney acknowledged the meme in an Instagram post of his.

@patchusin Shopping is boring, got to make it fun somehow #videogames #shopping #beetlejuice #relationship #meme ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

@scc_kwispy Weve all been there. #fyp #meme ♬ original sound – Koosh604

What Is The Template For Beetlejuice's 'What Are You Doing? Just Hanging Around' Meme?

For those who want to make a Beetlejuice meme for their own pleasure, there are plenty of blank greenscreen templates to use. First of all, you can use the CapCut template created by CapCut user Figgy The Feline. Another way of doing it is just using a greenscreen posted to TikTok or YouTube.

For the full history of Beetlejuice's "What are you doing? Just hanging around," be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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