Turbulence TikTok explained

What's The 'Turbulence' TikTok Meme? The 'A Whole Bunch Of Turbulence' Guy Explained

A young man who's been dubbed the Turbulence Guy is making headlines in the TikTok meme sphere for being added to the Thugposting lore. He's most known for his iconic catchphrase "A whole bunch of turbulence," and his "slapping" sound effect, which haunts the average TikToker nowadays.

The Turbulence Guy has just met Kai Cenat and other notable streamers whose Discord servers won't stop spamming the guy's explicit videos.

Curious about what the "turbulence" is and why this meme is trending? Let's explain.

What Does 'Turbulence' Mean On TikTok?

When one hears the word "turbulence" they usually think of airplane turbulence, as in, when a plane hits a rough patch of air in the sky and the cabin shakes a lot before calming down, often scaring everybody on board. However, when the word "turbulence" is used on TikTok, it's not necessarily plane-related.

Instead, "turbulence" is a sexual code word, used to mean something that's swaying and could be rough in the long run. Namely, the slang term "turbulence" was founded by one man on the app whose TikTok Lives exemplified why he could cause so much "turbulence" in the bedroom.

Who Is The 'Turbulence Guy?'

The Turbulence Guy who started the meme is named Just Jo Official, also referred to by his current TikTok username @officialjustjo. Back in October 2021, he first went viral for a TikTok livestream in which he was slapping his member back and forth between his legs without using his hands.

Flashforward to early 2023 and Just Jo Official had run through multiple accounts which were banned for explicit content. That didn't matter though, because every time he went Live on a new account, he'd announce that there was going to be some "turbulance," slap his member between his legs off camera and he'd have 1,000 more followers in no time.

What's The Original 'A Whole Bunch Of Turbulence' Video?

The video that really made Just Jo Official a meme legend was screen-recorded in February 2023. It showed him shouting at his Live's viewers:

Y'all hear that thunder and lightning? 'Cause I hear it. A whole bunch of turbulence. A whole bunch of turbulence. Everybody strap your seatbelts. 'Cause it's about to be some turbulence.

The video skyrocketed him to meme status on the platform, spreading quickly to YouTube and Instagram.

@justenmicrowave They seem to be enjoying what they’re doing #spiritairlines #thugshaker #brandoncurington ♬ original sound – CR7πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘‘

@komi_memes Turning off airplane mode gave the plane a whole bunch of turbulence #fyp #fypγ‚· #anime #komi #turbulence #meme #viral ♬ original sound – CR7πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘‘

For the full history of Turbulence, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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