Two pictures of Anthony Adams rubbing his hands together, facing each other, with a question mark between them.

What's Up With That Meme Of A Man Wearing A Yellow Suit While Hiding Behind A Tree? The 'Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands' Meme Explained

He's ready for it, he's wanting it, and he's about to get it. A classic reaction image meme, Anthony Adams rubbing his hands has proven highly remixable and usable across many contexts. Whether he represents a company looking for another cent of your money, a character scheming for his own gain, or a poster encountering an appealing photo, his face says it all. But how did this meme originate, and what does it mean?

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Where Did The Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands Meme Come From?

Two days after Christmas in 2017, former NFL player and media personality Anthony "Spice" Adams posted a fable to his social media accounts, accompanied by some pictures of him and his family.

Leon was told by a PYT (Pretty Young Thang) that if he cut his hair he might have a chance with her. LL cut his hair immediately upon hearing about his chance. He went searching for that PYT high and low. When he found her, he pursued her and reminded her of what she said. He began to spit thee most firest game known to man to take advantage of his chance. The PYT wasn't buying it. This dissertation of gamage wasn't enough to crack the code. As the day went on, LL seemed to steadily chip away at the cold shoulders of PYT. His last line of "If I get witchoo, I'll make you see flowers grow out of the snow" got her!!!! All of LL's hard work, all of his feeble attempts with the juiciest curl have finally come to fruition. He had been climbing this mountain for years!!! Finally LL had cracked the code!! PYT agreed to a relationship. Then she hit LL with a whopper. PYT stepped back, told all of her kids to come out of the minivan!! 1! - 2! - 3! - 4!!!! 4 kids!! LL didn't budge!! He didn't waver at all. He stood firmly 10 toes down. LL took a deep breath and took a quote from the great theologian E-40 and with his chest stuck out he said, "Oh I'll clothe and feed dem kids." They lived happily ever

The post received an average amount of attention, but one particular picture in the series that Adams posted was picked up in January of 2018 by users on the platform once known as Twitter. For them, it was a perfect reaction image, showing a combination of excitement and anticipation.

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Who Is Anthony Adams?

Anthony Adams was a defensive tackle in the NFL, playing for the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears until his retirement in 2011. After retiring from the NFL, he became a sports commentator and media personality. He was the cohost for three seasons of the Great American Baking Show.

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Online, he is popular for posting humorous content to his social media accounts and for his distinctive laugh.

How Is The Anthony Adams Rubbing Hands Meme Used?

It's used sometimes like a big emoji, representing feelings of desire. Other times, it's used to illustrate the unsavory cravings of others, like greed. Since its arrival on the scene, it has proven one of the most durable and reposted memes, earning a place in internet history.

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Companies: Buy this for $20 People: w-- no Companies: Ok, how about for $19.95 People:

For the full history of Anthony Adams rubbing his hands, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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