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NFL / American Football

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NFL / American Football
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NFL / American Football


American Football, also known as Gridiron outside of North America, is a sport originating in 1869. The game involves two teams of eleven players competing on a rectangular field to score the most points. The sport is very popular in America, having millions of fans.


For a comprehensive overview on the history of the sport, please refer to the Wikipedia article[1] on American Football.

National Football League (NFL)

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league comprised of 32 teams that are based out of various regions across the United States and divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Since its foundation in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association (APFA) and renaming to the National Football League in 1923, the NFL has continuously evolved into the most popular sports league in the United States over the course of almost a century. Every year, the NFL season begins with each team playing four or five pre-season exhibition matches, followed by 16 games per team during the regular season, from which the six best-performing teams of both conferences advance to the postseason playoffs in a single-elimination tournament that culminate in the annual Super Bowl game between the champions of the NFC and AFC.

The Super Bowl

The NFL agreed to merge with the American Football League (AFL) in 1966, and the first Super Bowl was held at the end of that season; the merger was completed in 1970. . The Super Bowl is among the biggest club sporting events in the world[5] and individual Super Bowl games account for many of the most watched television programs in American history, all occupying the Nielsen's Top 5 tally of the all-time most watched U.S. television broadcasts by 2015.

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In the United States, American football has consistently ranked as the most popular professional sport in the poll for over three decades since 1985, when it surpassed baseball for the first time. It also boasts one of the most extensively organized league systems for any competitive team sports in the world, which consists of professional-level (NFL), collegiate-level (NCAA), high school (NFHS) and youth football leagues (in the order of popularity). The NFL is the most popular sports league out of the four major professional sports played in North America, the other three being the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL), and it enjoys the highest average attendance (67,591) of any sports league in the world. In addition, the Super Bowl, the annual championship game of the NFL, is widely considered an unofficial national holiday and consistently ranks among the most-watched club sporting events in the world.

Fantasy Football



Handegg, also spelled as hand-egg, is a pejorative slang term primarily used by non-North American sports fans and Internet users to refer to American football, mainly due to the oval shape of the ball and the manner in which it is carried by the players' hands, as opposed to the spherical ball that can only be dribbled or kicked by the players in association football.

The Super Bowl Shuffle

The Super Bowl Shuffle is a 1985 rap song performed by members of the Chicago Bears football team, which was released to critical acclaim and inspired numerous parodies and imitations.

The Madden Curse

The Madden Curse is a superstition associated with getting on the cover of any Madden NFL game in the series, similar to the Campbell’s Chunky Soup Curse[1] or the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx[2]. Players who make the cover often times suffer a serious injury, have a decline in performance, and/or their team does poorly the following season(s).


CJK5H is an abbreviation for the phrase “Craig James killed five hookers”, an unfounded statement associated with an online smear campaign targeting retired American football player and commentator Craig James. The campaign was reinvigorated after James announced he would be running for the United States Senate in December of 2011.

What If Michael Vick Were White

"What if Michael Vick Were White" is an exploitable photoshop meme in which American football quarterback Michael Vick is transformed into various people, animals and objects.

Special Edition Xbox Controller Parodies

Special Edition Xbox Controller Parodies are photoshopped illustrations of custom button configurations for limited editions of the Microsoft Xbox controller that poke fun at various professional sports teams and athletes. Each visual features a unique set of made-up action commands that reflect the negative characteristic of the team or athlete in question.


Tebowing is a photo fad named after Tim Tebow in that involves getting down on one knee, placing one’s elbow on the knee and fist against the forehead, similar to a prayer or "Thinker’s pose" named after the Rodin sculpture.


Kaepernicking is a photo fad that started in early December 2012. It involves flexing and kissing one’s bicep in tribute to San Francisco 49ers’ National Football League (NFL) player Colin Kaepernick’s signature victory pose.

NFL Replacement Referees

NFL Replacement Refs Controversy refers to various online discussions surrounding the disputed referee ruling of a pass that ultimately determined the outcome of the NFL season match between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers in Sepetember of 2012. Shortly after the game ended, many football fans reacted on various social media outlets to vent their frustration against the referees.


Dezzing is a photo fad inspired by an unflattering mugshot of Oakland Raiders football player Desmond Bryant. The fad gained momentum on Twitter after it was introduced by American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel in late February 2013.

Manti Te'o's Girlfriend

Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend Hoax was a faked relationship between Notre Dame football player Manti Malietau Louis Te’o and a nonexistent woman named Lennay Kekua.


Hernandezing refers to two photo fads inspired by pictures of New England Patriots National Football League (NFL) tight end Aaron Michael Hernandez, who was charged with first-degree murder in June of 2013. One version of the fad mimics the way Hernandez held his arms inside of his shirt during his arrest, while another mocks a mirror self-photograph taken by Hernandez in which he is holding a handgun.

Richard Sherman’s Postgame Rant

Richard Sherman’s Postgame Rant refers to televised taunts uttered by Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback during an interview following his team’s 23-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in January 2014.

Antonio Brown’s Karate Kick

Antonio Brown’s Karate Kick is a video remix and photoshop meme featuring footage of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown delivering a kick to the head of Cleveland Browns punter Spencer Lanning.

Smokin' Jay Butler

Smokin’ Jay Cutler is a photoshop meme that involves digitally manipulating photographs of the NFL athlete and Chicago Bears’ quarterback to make it seem as if he is smoking a cigarette on the field during the games.

Ray Rice Elevator Assault Video

Ray Rice Assault Video refers to surveillance footage of professional football player Ray Rice knocking his fiancee unconscious in an elevator.

Madden Giferator

The Madden Giferator is an online application developed by Electronic Arts to promote the 30th installment in the Madden NFL series, allowing users to create their own animated GIFs featuring CGI animations of various football players. After the builder was covered by various websites in early September 2014, people began using the generator to create animations with humorous captions.

Odell Beckham Jr.'s Catch

Odell Beckham Jr's Catch is a photoshop meme featuring an exploitable cutout image of the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham making an impressive one-handed catch during a game against the Dallas Cowboys in November 2014.


Manzieling is a photoshop meme based on an exploitable cut out image of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel laying down on his back with his arms crossed over his chest during the game against the Buffalo Bills in November 2014.

Shawn Oakman Tweets

The Shawn Oakman Tweets are jokes on Twitter regarding the intimidating size of the 6’9" 280 pound Baylor Bears defensive end Shawn Oakman.

James Winston's Fumble

Jameis Winston’s Fumble is a photoshop meme based on various still images of the star quarterback for Florida State University dropping the ball in mid-play during their Rose Bowl college football match against University of Oregon on January 1st, 2015.

Gronk Butt

Gronk Butt refers to a viral photograph of Baltimore Ravens cornerback Rashaan Melvin accidentally pulling down the pants of New England Patriots tight end Robert Gronkowski while attempting to tackle him from behind.

Touchdown Tom

Touchdown Tom is an online nickname for the New England Patriots starting quarterback Tom Brady, which is typically used when the team is performing poorly in reference to the many unexpected victories orchestrated by Brady over his 15 years in the National Football League (NFL).


#DeflateGate refers to the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots’ alleged use of deflated footballs towards the team’s advantage during their American Football Conference (AFC) Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts in January 2015. The accusations of foul play has prompted an investigation from the National Football League (NFL).

Tom Brady's Courtroom Sketch

Tom Brady's Courtroom Sketch is a photoshop meme based on a coarsely drawn portrait of the New England Patriots' star quarterback in a courtroom sketch produced at the first court appearance of Brady in a settlement lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL) for his four-game suspension penalty in the aftermath of Deflategate.

Washington Redskins Name Controversy

Washington Redskins’ Name Controversy refers the ongoing online debate surrounding the name of the Washington D.C.-based National Football League (NFL) team, Washington Redskins, which has long drawn criticisms for perpetuating an ethnic stereotype of the Native Americans. In May 2014, the controversy saw a noticeable resurgence in the wake of the L.A. Clippers owner Don Sterling’s racism scandal.

Sad Virginia Fan

Sad Virginia Fan is the nickname given to a supporter of the University of Virginia’s collegiate football team Virginia Cavaliers who became the subject of photoshopped parodies online for his reaction to the game-winning touchdown by the University of Notre Dame’s quarterback DeShone Kizer during the last minute of the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) match between the two teams on September 12th, 2015.

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