A.J. and Big Justice from TikTok.

Who Are 'A.J. And Big Justice?' The Father-Son 'Costco Guys' Behind TikTok's @a.j.befumo Explained

A.J. and Big Justice are a father and son duo who are taking over TikTok because of their page @a.j.befumo.

Many might know them because of their viral We're Costco Guys video. Others might know them because of their Boom Meter videos with The Rizzler. This Italian-American family is widely beloved but also polarizing; they're either wholesome or cringe depending on how jaded you are.

So, who are A.J. and Big Justice? Where are they from and why are they viral? Let's explain.

Who Is Anthony "A.J." Befumo Jr.?

Anthony "A.J." Befumo Jr. is the dad better known worldwide as "Big A.J." He's from White Plains, New York and, during his early years, was an independent professional wrestler in New Jersey who went by the stage name "The American Powerchild" Eric Justice. There are plenty of YouTube videos that show him doing some real wrassling, dating back to 2001.

Nowadays, A.J. Befumo lives in Boca Raton, Florida and works as a financial company's regional manager. Yeah, it sounds pretty boring. But it seems that Befumo is reigniting his younger years with the spriteliness of his TikTok presence.

Who Is Big Justice?

Big Justice is A.J. Befumo's son. His real name is Eric Justice Befumo, after his dad's strongman alter-ego. He got the nickname "Big Justice" when his dad spontaneously called out, "Big Justice goes boom!" from the sidelines of his tee-ball game.

Big Justice is now a "child influencer" because of his dad. He joins the ranks of other children with large social media followings like Baby Gronk and Kevin G.

@supreme.vito Big AJ tells the origin story of Big Justice #fyp #bigaj #edit #fyp #viral #bigaj #bigjustice #costco ♬ it was a good day slowed – 🖤AKIKAGE🖤

What's The 'We're Costco Guys' Video?

A.J. and Big Justice went largely viral when they posted a video called "We're Costco Guys" back in March. The video followed the "We're X, Of Course We Y" trend, showing the two raving about chicken bakes and double-chunk chocolate chip cookies in their local Costco.

The video racked up more than 46 million views in three months and was reposted en masse across social media.

@a.j.befumo We’re Costco Guys‼️ #costco #father #son #family #bigjustice #boom ♬ original sound – A.J. & Big Justice

The video inspired discourse about the dad and son. One user predicted, "This kid is going to grow up and resent his father for this." Another rebutted, "I actually think it’s baller this kid has a good relationship with his dad." Furthermore, "They spend quality albeit cringe time together."

trevy @chillextremist ... I actually think it's baller this kid has a good relationship with his dad and they spend quality albeit cringe time together Mittens @JUSTcatmeme • Mar 17 This kid is going to grow up and resent his father for this MIES میل REAL FRUIT Tik Tok Laughter awaits We • 6:58 PM Mar 18, 2024 1.6M Views • NDER RMOUR 71 0:00/1:25 K

What Is The 'Boom Meter?'

The Boom Meter is a rating system that A.J. and Big Justice use in their videos to rate food and products. "5/5 Booms" is the highest score and viewers have hilariously noticed that most things get "5/5 Booms."

In a recent video, in which they reviewed branded fruit snacks, every flavor got a perfect score, meaning that each family member in the line-up had to flex their bicep and shout "Boom!" multiple times.

@a.j.befumo Fruit Blox‼️ #food #snacks #father #son #family #fun #bigjustice #boom @BloxSnacks @Christian_Joseph ♬ original sound – A.J. & Big Justice

Who Is 'The Rizzler?'

A new favorite Befumo character is a kid dubbed The Rizzler who isn't actually a member of the family. His real name is Christian Joseph and he's got his own viral TikTok account with his own Italian-American father.

For the full history of A.J. and Big Justice, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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