TikTok videos of Big Jill at a "squatted truck" event.

Who Is 'Big Jill' And What's The 'Big Jill Video'? The Graphic Carolina Truck Video Explained

A viral video of a woman named Big Jill is sending shock waves on TikTok.

Many did not want (or expect) to see Big Jill on their "For You" page filmed in a compromising, R. Kelly-like scenario. Big Jill memes and rumors are spreading across the web as many want to know who this woman is and what she did at the custom pick-up truck show she attended.

From what we know, let's explain what's going on and what the infamous Big Jill Video is.

Who Is Big Jill?

Big Jill is the nickname of Jill Cannady. Since 2022, she's been a pick-up truck fanatic, attending multiple "squatted truck" and "lifted truck" car shows in the American South.

According to her current TikTok account, Big Jill used to have over 10,000 followers before she was banned recently. She still has a lot of friends on the app, though, who are pick-up truck influencers with thousands of followers. On their accounts, Big Jill's truck show shenanigans are documented in 4K.

At the same time, there are a lot of videos in which men reference Big Jill, speaking of her like a local legend.

@jill.cannady Just jokies 🤣 #bigjill #fypage #foryou #truckscene ♬ original sound – big jill

@thecodyhelms Man big jill wasnt trynna get active with bro😭#FomotionalFinds #fypシ #truckweek2022 #myrtlebeach #mbtw2022 ♬ original sound – Codyhelms

What's The Big Jill Video?

Over the weekend, a "custom truck show" was held at the Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, North Carolina. Big Jill was purportedly at the event, evident in videos that she posted afterward with the location geo-tagged.

In a video on the topic, TikToker @zac.lucarz claimed that a video of Big Jill being urinated on was filmed and spreading on TikTok. The video's origin lined up with Jill's appearance at the Wake County Speedway truck show. The TikToker likened Jill's video to R&B singer "R. Kelly," infamous for an alleged "pee tape" of his own.

@zac.lucarz and others on the app claim that they saw the Big Jill Video randomly on their "For You" pages.

@zac.lucarz Why are y’all like this😭 #truckbuild #truckmods #projecttruck #dieseltruck #truckparts #bigjill ♬ original sound – Zac Lucarz

Who Leaked The Big Jill Video?

It is currently unknown who filmed the Big Jill Video and where it was originally shared. However, many people are paying attention to Big Jill's friend nicknamed Enzo. On his account @lil_enzo2.0, he posted a video referencing Jill, seemingly taking a shot at her. If anyone knows who took the video, it's Enzo. Overall, it's good that he's spreading it himself.

@lil_enzo2.0 COME FIND ME 🫣 #fyp #blowthisup #foryoupage ♬ Big One – BossMan DLow

For the full history of the Big Jill video, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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