Who is Candice?

Who Is Candice? 'Candice Who' Meme Explained

A prank that will join the ranks of the Ligmas and Joe Mamas and Deez Nuts of the world, Candice Who? jokes are the newest in line to have a cultural resurgence. With an internet history that doesn't stretch further back than 2017, "Candice" questions came back with a vengeance on TikTok in 2021. Here's all you need to know before you suffer humiliation at the hands of a friend asking you, "Did you hear what happened to Candice?"

What Is The 'Candice' Prank?

A standard Candice joke involves someone roping a victim into inquiring who "Candice" is by saying something to the effect of, "Candice died today," or "Oh my god, did you hear what happened to Candice?" The person is likely to respond to this by asking, "Who's Candice," to which they receive the humiliating reply, "Candice dick fit in your mouth?"

Where Does The 'Candice' Prank Come From?

Social games like Joe Mama jokes and jokes about Deez Nuts predate the online world as we know it, and it is likely that "Candice" jokes were synthesized in a roast lab way before we were getting our IPads sticky. However, we do have a clue as to what the earliest mention of a Candice joke online might have been, with the below (right) image being uploaded to ME.ME in 2017.

Here luv do you know Candice? I don't think so Candice who? Candice balls fit in your mouth. So they will, so they should, so it is il Verizon 5:48 PM 4% 32 D Dad Do you know candice? Candice who candice dick fit in ur butt? Delivered Bring me your phone Today 5:47 PM Look who I met today, he is on the golden state warriors

When Did 'Candice' Jokes Make A Resurgence?

Sometime in 2021, someone decided that TikTok was the perfect platform for finding unwitting victims that are bound to respond to "Oh my god, Candice just died!" with "Who is Candice?" People chose TikTok lives as the first avenue for finding and recording their victims.

@jillzfoodz_ #tbt to that time he got me. I still dont know who she was. #urmom #fyp ♬ original sound – Jillz

@ehmyr I’m sorry little one… #candice #deez #myra ft. @megadck ♬ top ten anime deaths – gecgecgecgecgecgec

'Candice Who?' Use In Memes

Knock knock Who's there? Candice, Candice who ? Candice dick fit in your whisper yoG Bro joe looked awesome today 19:08 / Ik i saw him with Candice 19:09 Who tf is candice bro 19:09 l ? 19:09 / Candice dick fit in joe mamas ass? 19:11 Type a message @memezerinD COUNTER ASTRIKE ayy bruh what's the name of phineas and ferb's sister again ? 9:01 PM the name is Candice bruh 9:01 PM A but candice LMAO dick fit in vo mouth 9:02 PM 9:02 PM 9:02 PM A ☺ Type a mess...

For the full history of Candice Who, be sure to check out our entry on the prank here for even more information.

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