Image of Cory Carnley and the accusation against him

Who Is Cory Carnley? 'The_Donald' User's Undocumented Immigrant Classmate Controversy Explained

News of Donald Trump's Indictment this week unearthed some classic online shenanigans from the heyday of his reign as United States President. Trump's Make America Great Again campaign championed isolationist and anti-immigrant policies that his followers were happy to help enforce. But not everyone agreed with the program.

Here's a recap of how a high-school-aged Trump supporter got himself expelled from his school for posting to /r/The_Donald about how he reported a classmate to U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE.

ChipperLock Picker 170d satirical, I do not believe a light-hearted, sarcastic, joking insult is "being a d". As well, simply using the word "n r" without context is not "outright hate speech". Saying something like, "I hate those subhuman blacks, because they are so inferior to the supreme white race." is outright hate speech. Even if what I did have in my meme was outright hate speech, I received my penalty for that by having it removed in the first place.

What Was The Initial /r/The_Donald Post?

Sometime in early 2018, a Redditor by the username /u/ChipperLockPicker posted an unfortunate-looking photo to the subreddit /r/The_Donald, a forum popular with supporters of ex-President Donald Trump. The image showed a young white teen wearing a MAGA hat and grinning with a pipe clenched between his teeth. In the photo, he can be seen holding up his hands in an "okay" gesture and standing in front of a regal-looking portrait of Donald Trump dressed like a military commander.


The photo was posted with the caption, "MFW I report an illegal who goes to my school to ICE."

What Was The Response To Cory Carnley's /r/The_Donald Post?

The post gathered significant traction on the subreddit, initially from people in complete support of /u/ChipperLockPicker. However, more views and engagement drew the attention of detractors who found Cory's claim to be damning evidence of discrimination and racism.

I-1 Pants_indeed 29 points 5 hours ago You're cringy as hell you know that? permalink embed save parent report give gold reply - ChipperLockPicker [S]-87 points 5 hours ago That's the goal permalink embed save parent report give gold reply I-1 BobDoleWasAnAlien 21 points 5 hours ago You do realise with how big that post got, someone is going to find you permalink embed save parent report give gold reply [-1 SargeantSasquatch 18 points 5 hours ago I'm sure /u/ChipperLockPicker will try to play it off cool and come up with some bullshit excuse like That was the goal!" permalink embed save parent report give gold reply [-1 BobDoleWasAnAlien 11 points 5 hours ago He seems to have gone kind of quite. Maybe reality is setting in. I honestly do hope someone finds him. If that was my son I'd kill him permalink embed save parent report give gold reply I-1 space_nicks OLD 20 points 5 hours ago you are disgusting, awful disgrace to humanity. and what you did will come back around. permalink embed save parent report give gold reply [-1 Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 19 points 5 hours ago You don't know it yet, but you' ve just ruined your life permalink embed save parent report give gold reply I- blevvtoyot O points an hour ago out of the loop here, what the hell is going on? This guy just made some stupid MAGA post, how is he endangering himself? permalink embed save parent report give gold reply

Most users warning /u/ChipperLockPicker against keeping his post up seemed to be noting the real prospect of him getting himself doxxed. Other users noted that /u/ChipperLockPicker had a history of posting racist and anti-Semitic opinions on his account, both things that would get him in hot water IRL.

One of my pet peeves is when people leave pinned Cuban Reuben in r/h3h3productions ↑ [-] ChipperlockPicker-1 points 2 months ago Jeez what a Jew permalink save context full comments (25) report give gold

Who Identified The Redditor As Cory Carnley?

After /u/ChipperLockPicker's post began gaining traction even outside the Trump subreddit, a article identified him as a student in Gainsville, Florida, Cory Carnley. Moreover, the article published a host of offensive comments also made by the same Reddit account, eventually leading to the student's expulsion from his public school. Here's a statement from his then-Principal:

"I could not disagree more with the ideas in these posts. They certainly do not represent our school's culture. GHS is a wonderfully diverse school where students come together and do amazing things. One student does not speak for 1,800 classmates. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I hope it will also serve as a learning opportunity for our students."

For the full history of the event, be sure to check out our entry on it here for even more information.

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