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Who Is Mary Burke (aka BigTTsMagee) ?

TikTok is a place where ironically making fun of a thing can quickly turn into sincerely researching, scrolling, and responding to it. This may be the case for many TikTok users when it comes to Mary Burke (or BigTTsMagee), a rural woman running an OnlyFans with a passion for denim overalls and farm work.

Where Did Mary Burke Come From?

Mary Burke first got famous on TikTok for provocative videos of her doing farm work while wearing nothing but a pair of overalls. Because Burke is rather… well-endowed, many TikTokers were fascinated by the ability of these overalls to hold all of her in.

This fascination often took the form of absurdist simping as users captured their responses to Burke.

Why Do People Like Mary Burke?

On a simple, fundamental level, it's likely that many people are attracted to her. Certainly, a number of regular commenters seem to be. But a number of duets with Mary Burke also seem to find humor in interpreting her content as not at all sexual in any way.

Another reason for her popularity might just be the timeless combination of agricultural labor and eroticism. The pairing of farms and sex goes back as far as the ancient Greeks, who wrote a lot of pastoral poetry that was pretty explicit.

There's also just something goofy about both her overalls and her overall vibe.

For more information on Mary Burke, you can check out our full entry here

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