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Who Is Maxwell The Cat? How This Spinning Cat GIF Became A Viral Meme

Have you caught a glimpse of a spinning black cat with a white chest on your timeline recently? Or rather saw someone carrying it around in a Garry's Mod video? You have been blessed by Maxwell the Cat, the latest feline meme sensation, spinning all day long for your viewing pleasure. Wanna learn how the cat got its name? We have you covered.

Who Is Maxwell the Cat?

The story of the cat starts in November 2017, when Imgur user Voidhawk42 posted a photograph of their cat sitting on a piece of paper with the words "do not bend" written on it, bending it in a most defiant manner.

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In October 2022, Steam user shideo kojima uploaded a 3D model of the cat based on the image to Steam Workshop, and and week and a half later another user, Scott Rim, turned the model into a carryable Garry's Mod item, naming it "Maxwell the carryable cat."

Garry's Mod > Workshop > ScottRim◆'s Workshop Maxwell the carryable cat Description Discussions 31 * 196 203 24 12 10 18 Award 17 20 Comments 724 Favorite 127 14 13 117 Share 12 49 6 Change Notes 30 8 + Add to Collection 12 5 12 37 33 Content Type: Addon Addon Type: Weapon Addon Tags: Comic, Fun ★★ 5,888 ratings File Size 0.633 MB 21 Oct, 2022 @ 2:49pm Posted Updated 31 Oct, 2022 @ 11:27am 3 Change Notes (view)

And after in early November 4th, Twitter user @blastycat posted a GIF of the cat model spinning, Maxwell skyrocketed to online fame, appearing in memes and funny Gmod videos alike.

Is Uni the Cat Maxwell? Maxwell's Real Identity

Online, Maxwell has been misidentified as two similarly-looking cats: Dingus, the black-and-white cat from the @BigOldBuns TikTok account, and as Uni, another pet influencer.

The audacity of this dingus mocha @calicokritter his name is big boobs look him up on your school computer 10:38 PM Nov 26, 2021 Twitter for Android . DOSHISHA
Dingus and Uni.

The real name of the cat is Jess, and she belongs to Imgur user Voidhawk42, who posted the original photograph of the cat sitting on a sheet of paper with the words "please do not bend" on it in November 2017.

In January 2020, Voidhawk42 wrote that Jess, at that time nine years old, had a blocked intestine and needed a £1500 surgery, with no updates on the cat's health appearing after this news was released.

The name "Maxwell" comes from a Steam Workshop submission by user ScottRim, who modified the model into a carryable item. The submission is titled "Maxwell the carryable cat," which gave the cat its best-known name.

Maxwell the Cat in Memes

In memes, Maxwell's model often appears in various abstract or absurd contexts. The cat's 3D model is often shown spinning as music plays.

In Maxwell memes, the melody "Stockmarket" by Weebl is often used, commonly referred to as Maxwell's theme.

For the full history of Maxwell the Cat, be sure to check out our entry for more information.

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