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Who Is Sam Sulek? The 'Egolifting' Fitness Bro Accussed Of Being 'Fake Natty' Explained

Sam Sulek is an American fitness influencer known for making videos about his lifting lifestyle. He's known for popularizing the slang term "egolifting," a word previously associated with internet cult fitness legend Zyzz. After posting his videos to the internet for about a year, he amassed a large following of young fitness enthusiasts on TikTok and YouTube.

But why is Sam Sulek's rise to fams considered controversial to some onlookers? Accusations of him being "fake natty" abound on the internet, with some followers unconvinced that his physique can be achieved without the help of performance-enhancing substances. Here's everything we know about the 21-year-old bodybuilder.

Who Is Sam Sulek And When Did He First Start Going Viral?

Sam Sulek hails from Deleware, Ohio, having done to high school at Delaware Gayes, where he used to be a dedicated gymnast and diver. It is assumed that Sulek's relationship with bodybuilding and fitness began through his gymnastics and diving training. In July 2022, Sulek began posting videos about his fitness regime to TikTok, but he did not crack a million views on a video until early 2023. Soon after his viral TikTok fame, Sulek began posting videos to YouTube as well.

What Is Sam Sulek's Fan Following Like?

Sam Sulek's fanbase primarily exists on TikTok, with followers making memes and fan edits using his content. His videos are typically used alongside other humorous TikTok trends, with one video making a direct reference to performance-enhancing substances, and another splicing his content to generate a dream-like effect.

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What Does The Rest Of The Internet Think Of Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek's admittedly "swole" physique combined with his young age has garnered attention from internet users who think that he may not have achieved his look naturally. Such accusations have been discussed on many social media platforms, with one video of Sulek being shared on X with a caption accusing him of being "off the goop."

For the full history of Sam Sulek, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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