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Who Is 'Wally Darling' And What Is 'Welcome Home ARG?' The Viral Horror Game Explained

A large section of the internet loves horror games based on children's mascots, whether it's Five Nights at Freddy's or Garten of BanBan. Recently, the alternate reality game (ARG) Welcome Home has captured the attention of horror fanatics across the web, thanks largely to its main character Wally Darling. Here's why so many people are obsessing over the game and character.


What Is The 'Welcome Home' Alternate Reality Game?

Welcome Home is an ARG by artist Clown Illustration played entirely through the artist's website, The website presents itself as if created by a restoration team looking to uncover the details of a fictional piece of lost media called Welcome Home, described as a 1970s children's puppet TV show similar to The Muppets.

Since January 2023, the site runners have been adding new artwork and information about the fictional show, introducing players to what we know about its characters, settings and format. However, the website is full of easter eggs and secrets that, when discovered and implemented correctly, reveal that there's more to this piece of lost media than meets the eye.

Players have found tons of spooky secrets in the website so far and updates are still coming, launching the ARG to massive popularity in the first quarter of 2023.

Who Is 'Wally Darling?'

Many fans of Welcome Home have become somewhat obsessed with the game's main character, Wally Darling. Darling is presented as a yellow, humanoid puppet and artist with big, blue hair and colorful pants. He's described as the host and protagonist of the fictional show Welcome Home, although some people think he might end up being more of an antagonist as the horrors behind the show are slowly revealed.

Wally Darling has become a massive subject of fan art as the game grows in popularity. He's also appeared in many memes across sites like Twitter, TikTok and Tumblr, where some are claiming he's a new Tumblr sexyman. Maybe. Let's see how the game goes, first.

Hey neighbour, can I come inside? fa Dovelle M


Good morning, neighbor! It time to make a fan arts of me Yes, Wally


-- NTOMOLOGY 32 just seen a gay people

For the full details on Welcome Home ARG and Wally Darling, be sure to check out our entries for even more information.

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