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Who Sings TikTok's Viral 'Run Little Girl Run' Song? Where To Listen To 'Little Girl Gone' By Chinchilla Explained

TikTok has launched a lot of songs into the mainstream. Now, it's looking like "Little Girl Gone" by Chinchilla is the latest song to get the TikTok seal of approval as TikTokers use it to make lip dub videos about defying gender expectations. Here's what you need to know.

@sociallygraceless Today is day 18 of my journey to sell 5,000 bookmarks in order to move my son and myself out of my mother’s home, and into a healthy one of our own. #narctok #lgbt🌈 ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

What Is "Little Girl Gone" By Chinchilla?

In early April 2023, music producer Chinchilla posted a video teasing her latest song "Little Girl Gone." The video features Chinchilla lip dubbing to the lyrics under the caption, "When they walk in and assume you aren't the producer because you're a girl," showcasing how she's defying gender expectations.

The video gained over 5.7 million views in under a month and took off on the app. Its original sound was used over 44,500 times in the same span of time, with many urging Chinchilla to release the full song. She finally did on April 21st, where it's already racked up over 1.4 million plays on Spotify alone.

@chinchilla_music Oop I made a song πŸ‘€ #songwriter #singer #femaleproducer #newmusic ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

How Is "Little Girl Gone" Used In Memes?

Some of the most popular videos to use the song are lip dub skits where women explain how they've defied potentially offensive gender expectations for the better. Other popular videos simply feature women being bosses and explaining how they overcame a challenge in their life.

Other videos show people jamming out to the song and hyping it up as an addictive hit. With over 44,500 uses and counting, "Little Girl Gone" is shaping up to be another TikTok-certified banger.

@isetheadvocate Replying to @tikitoketi ennegram type 8 here πŸ‘‹πŸ½ #fyp #education #school #teacher #advocacy #schools #advocate #teachers #foryou ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

@kellybaums Swipe left for validation and support. πŸ’ž #latediagnosisadhd #adhdinwomen #adhdcoach #adhdcoaching #adhdtips ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

@yourhonesttherapist This song has me all fired upπŸ”₯ #tiktoktherapist #therapist #moderntherapist #microinfluencer #parenting #feminism #feministparenting ♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA


boutta go pick a fight with this pan or somethin (KIDDING im kidding)

♬ Little Girl Gone – CHINCHILLA

For the full details on Little Girl Gone, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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