Lilly Gaddis, TikToker llddis, in her viral video.

Who's TikToker llddis And Why'd She Say The N-Word? Lilly Gaddis' Viral Video And Controversy Explained

A woman named llddis on TikTok has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Basically, she said the N-word while cooking in a recent video amid a rant about how everyone she knows is married to "broke a-- n-----."

This lady, who's reportedly named Lilly Gaddis, seemingly has no shame. As the viral video spread via reposts on Twitter / X over the last two days, many users are calling her out for what they've deemed racism.

She's like the second coming of Seasoning Police, but a little more blatant in her perceived bigotry, drawing comparisons to the infamous "JetBlue Burger King."

So, who is TikToker llddis? What's her real name and what's her response to the backlash? Let's explain.

Who Is TikToker llddis?

TikToker llddis' real name is Lilly Gaddis according to top comments left on her TikTok page and tweets condemning her. North Carolina drama outlet The NC Beat claims that she's from Wilmington and that she deleted her LinkedIn profile amid the recent backlash.

Gaddis has been posting to her TikTok account @llddis since 2020. She's amassed over 63,000 followers on the app and over 24,000 on her X / Twitter account @llddiiss.

Her content used to center on being a lifeguard, but as of late, it's pivoted to the classic TikToker trope of ranting about random things while driving or preparing food on a cutting board. Her controversial N-word video falls under the latter category.

On June 11th, 2024, Gaddis' TikTok account was suspended.

What's The Controversial llddis TikTok Video?

llddis posted a video this week in which she's seen wearing an apron and preparing food. She's talking to the viewer, ranting about married people in her circle. For some reason, she decided to phrase it like this, "Everybody I know who's married right now, they're married to broke a-- n-----."

The video was deleted after it went viral but lives on via viral reposts on X.

What's Been The Reaction To llddis' TikTok?

The online reaction to llddis saying the N-word has been predominantly negative. People are laying into her on X at the moment, especially because she seems so nonplussed by the backlash. For instance, one of the top comments left on her original video said, "MARRIED TO WHO???" to which she replied, "You heard me."

Ty 5,882 comments MARRIED TO WHO??? 1d Reply Ilddis Creator You heard me 1d Reply 1,347 507 β˜‘

However, at the same time, while many people are calling her a bigot, others are championing her potty mouth. She's quickly gaining a following among some right-wing and conservative pundits. For example, the HodgeTwins just tweeted about her and InfoWars host Harrison H. Smith just asked, "Why is everyone so mad at this video?" (The rage bait is palpable).

What Was llddis' Response Video?

After llddis deleted the original TikTok video, she posted a response video in which she addressed the backlash. She didn't do much apologizing and instead doubled down on her controversial rhetoric by namedropping "members of a certain community" and saying that she "couldn't find to care" about upsetting them.

To further remove any subtlety, llddis' response video transitioned into an infamous video of Breitbart News founder Andrew Breitbart saying "War" (as in "race war").

Like her first video, her response is gaining an equal amount of backlash. Although many Black internet users can joke about regrettably being attracted to her or say that she "stood on business," it's still baffling to many online that Lilly Gaddis feels so comfortable in using racist terms and could possibly turn into a dog whistle as the video spreads online.

Was Lilly Gaddis Fired?

On Tuesday, Wilmington, North Carolina care company Rophe of the Carolinas posted an Instagram post that announced the firing of a "newly hired employee" because of their "inflammatory remarks on social media." The employee was reportedly Lilly Gaddis.

So, yes, Lilly Gaddis does not have a job at the moment. However, people on social media are worried that it will not matter. Gaddis now has a platform and, because she seems so impenetrable to criticism, her new unsavory audience might help her attain a better-paying position soon.

R ROPHE 2021 OF THE CAROLINAS We at Rophe of the Carolinas want to address a recent incident that has caused concern and upset among our stakeholders. A newly hired employee made inflammatory remarks on social media that do not align with the values and beliefs of our company. We want to make it clear that these sentiments are not representative of our organization, and we do not condone or support such behavior. As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we took immediate action to pull the employee from her assignment which is not directly with any client of ours, and the employee in question is no longer with our company. We are owned and operated by African American female and immigrant owned business and handled this situation as quickly as we could. We want to assure you that we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work environment where all individuals are valued and respected. We understand the importance of upholding our principles of equality and understanding, and we will continue to strive to create a culture of respect within our organization. We appreciate the support and trust of our community, and we are dedicated to earning back any confidence that may have been shaken by this unfortunate incident. Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership. Sincerely, TL Rophe of the Carolinas 910-782-8011

For the full history of llddis' controversial TikTok, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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