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Standing On Business

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Standing On Business is an AAVE slang phrase that means "taking care of business," or defending oneself, especially under pressure. The phrase grew popular in 2023 after comedian Druski made a series of sketches using the phrase. Rapper Drake quoted the phrase in the song 'Daylight' in his album For All The Dogs in October 2023, leading to renewed interest in the term. In January 2024, a pose and redraw meme sometimes known as the standing on business pose went viral.


The use of the phrase "standing on business" online can be traced back to the year 2014 on X.[1][2][3] However, use of the phrase online only increased exponentially in the year 2020, becoming a popular caption for photos on Instagram starting June 2020 (seen below).[4][5]

evo Beauty Wake HAIRXFASHION a 11817 BLACK OWNED Jae MA PON NAILS 1 PA PEDICURE t jaesmooove Follow Jae's Beauty Bar ● 1,043 likes JUNE 1, 2020 jaesmooove Edited β€’ 177w In the midst of all of the chaos I would 1st like to say today is my 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY at this location!! 2 years standing on business, 2 years of maintaining, 2 years of growth! 2 words on a shirt made a big difference yesterday. My entire strip mall was looted, at 3am 2 of the stores were even set on fire, except mine. Thank You to everyone who continuously rode past checking on my shop, Thank you to everyone that shared my post saying "Do not Touch" ... yes we have insurance but why watch what we all worked so hard for be ran through just because "we can get insurance money", my hard work built this shop. I love it with everything in me. Thank you to everyone I seen on camera actually read the chirt and walk away Stand un for : Add a comment... K
LEC CO SE saucegohan_073 Follow Houston, Texas saucegohan_073 174w #GOOOOOO Happy Fathers Day To All Da REAL DRIPPAS Dats Standing On BUSINESS But This One Of The Best Fathers Day / Early Birthday Gift EVA CANVAS TEETH CHECK EVEN ONNA S/o My Bitch Wid Da @payupliss BILLION Dollar Setup & Da Artist Who Created It @picasso.flako itsjojojames 173w Reply bwgbln_hollywood 173w @bwgbln_pee Reply 1,378 likes JUNE 22, 2020 : Add a comment... n

On December 3rd, 2021, Urban Dictionary[6] user SterlSam02 posted a definition for the phrase "standing on business," defining it as taking care of "your business/obligations" (seen below, top). On December 18th, X[7] user @MoneyBaggYo made a post that read, "U either standing on business or u just standing around AINT no in between β™ŸπŸ“‰πŸ—£," gathering over 1,000 likes in two years (seen below, bottom).

stand on business To take care of your business/obligations. To be about your grind. Rent was due and my son was hungry so I had no choice but to Stand on Business by Sterlsam02 December 3, 2021 117 18 FLAG
DA LARGEST @MoneyBaggYo Follow U either standing on business or u just standing around AINT no in between 11:22 PM. Dec 18, 2021


A March 14th, 2023 video posted by @RapAllStars[8] on X was captioned, "Wallo & Gillie started arguing over the meaning of β€œstanding on business” πŸ˜‚" The video gathered over 600,000 views and 4,000 likes in seven months (seen below).

On March 21st, 2023, X[9] user @Fizzy_renzel posted an image of a man standing on a woman labeled as "business," gathering over 5,000 likes in seven months (seen below).

Bigdawg_fizz @Fizzy_renzel He standing on business ME BUSINESS 6:20 PM - Mar 21, 2023 97.6K Views

On September 29th, 2023, comedian Druski posted a TikTok[10] video captioned, "Dudes say "Standin on Business" BUT DO THE OPPOSITE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" The video gathered over 3 million plays and 500,000 likes in a month (seen below, left). On September 29th, Druski posted a video[11] previewing a song and asking if he should drop his track "Standing On Business." The post gathered over 4 million plays and 600,000 likes in a month (seen below, right).

@druski Dudes say "Standin on Business" BUT DO THE OPPOSITE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Druski #Skit #couldabeenrecords #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – DRUSKI

@druski Should I drop "Standing on Business" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Druski #couldabeenrecords #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – DRUSKI

On October 6th, Drake released his album For All The Dogs, repeating the phrase "Standing on business" in the song "Daylight"[12] (seen below).

On October 7th, Druski posted a TikTok[13] skit where he acted angry about Drake using the phrase in a rap song before he got a chance to, gathering over 3 million plays and 590,000 likes (seen below, left). On October 19th, TikToker[14] @topxszn posted a video using the phrase, gathering over 2 million plays and 600,000 likes in a week (seen below, right).

@druski Cash Money vs Coulda Been BEEF CONTINUES #Druski #couldabeenrecords #drake ♬ original sound – DRUSKI

@topxszn Hopefully we dnt fall off #standingonbusiness #druski #couldvebeenrecords #fy #future #imstandingon ♬ original sound – topxszn

Wide Power Stance Low-Angle Shot / Standing on Business Pose

Wide Power Stance Low-Angle Shot or the Standing on Business Pose, also known as Polnareff-Type Pose or Wide Stance Hero Pose, is a series of memes based on a photograph of a man standing with his legs split wide and his arms crossed, taken at a low angle from the tip of his shoe, resembling a typical "hero pose" that has been compared to poses one might see in anime or manga series like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The photo went viral after it was posted to Twitter / X in December 2023, becoming the subject of redraws, image macros and other memes. Although not directly related, the pose is sometimes shared alongside the phrase "Standing on Business."

Various Examples

jean @terracoccia He standing on business fr II 0:02 tiff / xin xin β˜†~ (>. a) @keroppisfan - Oct 9 the tragedy of getting the one smiski you didn't want 8:29 AM - Oct 9, 2023 135.5K Views H NE 90 : beautiful disaster @somecoolgirll me standing on business after cutting my fav ho off : 12:00 PM. Jul 8, 2023 432.1K Views &
PLAY MAKER β™‘ @Wuggaaaaa_ Me after standing on business @mugrootbeer 1:44 AM - Oct 10, 2023 1.4M Views Verach VESHO Poruczo Subscribe Me 36 Business

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