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'My YouTube Videos Are Not Newsworthy!' Cr1TiKaL SLAMS Content Farms And Dexerto Writing About His YouTube Videos Like They're Newsworthy

Charlie Critikal Dexerto rant video.
Charlie Critikal Dexerto rant video.
By Adam Downer

Published 23 days ago

Published 23 days ago

In his latest video manifesto, influential YouTuber Charles "Moist Cr1TiKaL" White has a message for internet media publications that treat his YouTube videos as newsworthy: "Stop treating my videos as newsworthy."

The newsworthy video from Cr1TiKaL featured him griping about a recent article published by Dexerto covering another one of his newsworthy videos. On Saturday, Cr1TiKaL posted a video in which he dunked on some YouTube teens pranking the elderly for views.

Dexerto, as the outlet does on a daily basis with just about anything streamers do online, then wrote a story summarizing Cr1TiKaL's video and tweeted it out, letting the world know the very important news that Cr1TiKaL was "calling out" teens on YouTube and TikTok for harassing the elderly.

This led to significant engagement, as the tweet racked up millions of views and thousands of likes and retweets in a couple of days. Many users on Twitter / X discussed Cr1TiKaL's latest "bold" stance on a pressing topic, though some also criticized him for attempting to win public favor by making a very obvious point.

The very important discourse surrounding White's noble take that "harassing the elderly is bad" prompted him to respond in the video he posted last night, during which he said that he wasn't trying to make a noble point at all.

Instead, his video on YouTube pranksters harassing the elderly wasn't made as a grand political gesture, but rather just something he whipped up for fun. He knows that everyone agrees that "harassing the elderly is bad" and made the video just for entertainment purposes.

He also claimed the article was a "nothing burger," lazily written (suggesting it could've been generated by AI) and that the writer cherry-picked some of White's quotes from the video, seemingly at random.

"The article is just taking a couple of quotes at random from the video I made," he said.

"I'm not doing anything brave. This isn't news," he added further.

"[fart noises]," he later tooted.

He also chided the article for quoting some random YouTube comments from his video on YouTube pranksters, wondering why they should be included as if their random comments were newsworthy.

YouTube commenters appeared to agree. "5:45 Those FARTS- LMAO," one commenter said.

"I don't know why, but the contrast of the old man and Charlie's face in the thumbnail is sending me," another commented.

Overall, Cr1TiKaL's must-see viral slam dunk of a video finds him saying he's tired of some internet publications trying to squeeze content out of every little thing he and other popular content creators say or do.

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