Q&A with Blake Boston (Scumbag Steve)

Q&A with Blake Boston (Scumbag Steve)

Disclaimer: This article contains explicit language!

In the past week, we've been talking over e-mails with Blake Boston, also known as Scumbag Steve on the Internets. Based on a Myspace picture of Blake taken circa 2006, the image macro series quickly thrived into everyone's favorite joke about "that guy" who's fading away in our memories of high school years, still blasting that mix CD out of his souped up Honda in school parking lot (even though he was expelled years ago). But in real life, Blake's fictional internet fame has become a taxing ordeal for the soon-to-be father from Boston. Here's the full transcript of our Q&A interview with the man.


Q: What is your real name, age and what are you up to these days?

A: My real name is Blake Boston, I’m 21. I go to school full time at night and work full time during days at a job where I make shit for money. I’m tryin’ to get on my grind cuz I have a baby boy on the way. Really, all I do is work and school and try to split time between family, my girl and my brothers. And I’m a clean mothafucka, cuz I shower everyday.

Q: Where did the image come from? Who took it? Are you still in touch with the photographer?

A: Those pics on Myspace are all from my mom. She thought she would do me a solid by makin’ that shit. She was taking a photography class five years ago and that’s what she did. She even made the Myspace page. She thought I was something, I guess. My friends and I didn’t really wanna tell her they weren’t cool, so we hyped them to her and she went crazy wit them. She has like over 300 [pics] on her computer. U have no idea how upset she was when I showed her what had become of her “photo project,” but we are laughin’ now that she knows how we felt, she’s a good woman.

Oh the specific picture that’s really the original meme was taken when I was 16 looking into at my mom cuz she was torturing me for photos. Was I wrecked at the time? I don’t remember, but I sure as shit thought I was a balla. Man, that coat was given to me in a swap for some shit. And yeah, I’m still in touch with the photographer. Hahahaha…and she's coolin’ it on the pics now.

Q: When and how did you find out about the meme?

A: Who the fuck knew what a meme was? I had never even heard the word. Never even knew this site existed. Didn’t know how to pronounce it. People started blowing up my phone, telling me I was all over the net. At first it went deep. Then I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the shit. They are funny as fuck. Sometimes I forget the pics were of me and were all laughing our asses off and then I’m like “shut the fuck up"--naw just playin.


Q: Scumbag Steve jokes often involve “high school d-bag” stereotypes, which seems to be the main appeal of the meme. What were you really like in high school?

A: A scumbag. Hahaha, I was different. Ya, I dressed hip hop and was the first kid to wear a flat bill to school, which I got ragged on everyday. My school had mostly preps. Let’s just say I had some friends, but mostly I had my brothers that were my true brothers. I played lacrosse, I was in the sp. ed room for my ADHD, ya I got in trouble, but I was the one that didn’t do the scumbag shit. I was always havin’ parties and supplying shit, if you know what I mean. I don’t steal, never have. In fact, I hate thieves. Was I a douche bag? Yah, I guess.

Q: On the down side of internet fame, I hear you’ve been getting harassed by Anonymous pranksters left and right. How’s that going? I imagine you’re in a glass case of emotions right now.

A: Sucks man. I guess people can’t separate the meme from the real me in some cases. Like people got my name, my phone, my Facebook, started callin’. Callin' me all kind of racist shit, callin' my girl and my family all hours of the night. Some asshole put up an ultrasound picture of my unborn kid and wished it would die. How fucked is that? My girl cried all night. She felt molested by that. Lot of racist shit being said, lot of haters. But truth is man, even with d-bags like that, I have it good really cuz I’ve got my family and my friends who know me. And no one can break that.

托b I Doll at Absgs

Q: So you’re from Boston. Has anyone recognized you in real life?

A: Nope. Well maybe a couple of people. But I’m a fat fuck now and I’m older than the pics.

Q: Tell us a bit about BeanTownMafia. When did you start rapping? Who are your collaborators?

A: Well, I always loved all kinds of music. I was really into rock for years and still am. But rapping spoke to me (hahaha). Naw really, it did. I don’t think there’s a kid out there who if they love music in some ways wishes they could be the performer and not just the listener. I’ve seen the website White People Rapping Poorly. And that shit kinda bugs me. Seriously. …Take a kid that wants to try and learn the violin. If the kid kinda sucks [at playing violin] do we tell him to stop? No, I hope not. we tell him to do it if he loves it, no matter if it isn’t the greatest. I think rappers should keep doin’ what they love, whether they suck or not.

Ya, maybe I thought I’d be a famous rapper when I was 15. Hell ya, gotta have some dreams right? My dude Jason, a.k.a "Reject":www.youtube.com/user/rejecthtr from hytown Records, collabs with me along with my best dude, my brother L-Boog Lawrence. Man, we’d get in the booth and laugh our asses off. Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty hammered for a lot of those songs. Right now though, I’m collabing with some real talent.

Q: In recent years, overnight internet celebrities like you have gotten their ways with sudden online fame. I imagine you’ve been getting mad exposure & traffic as well. Where can we buy Beantown Mafia songs online? Do you guys have any plans to expand on commercial opportunities?

A: Well, I’ve been slow on the uptake. I’ve gotten thousands and thousands of emails. Mostly all good. A lot of people asking for podcast with me, magazine articles, interviews, radio shows. Sending me free beats, people wanting to collaborate. I’m going to put up a website and link to some shit in the near future. It’s kinda funny I’ve had over 30,000 hits on 1 song in 4 days and have gotten emails askin’ the same question, "where can I buy this song?" Those songs were from when I was 16 and 17. I think I’m gonna get back in the both, if I can find a minute and do something funny for you all.

Q: Lastly, you’ve mentioned in previous e-mail conversations that you’re new to the concept of “lulz" on the internet. So far, what’s your first impression of Reddit and other online communities you've encountered?

A: Still don’t know what “lulz” is and I’m not gonna wiki it cuz I'm tired but Reddit is the shit. A lot of people I’ve talked to didn’t know it either. I think they need to reach some other people too. People can learn a lot there also. And the trees section is so fuckin’ chill. They came to my defense when they thought people were raggin' on me for looking like a stoner.

Q: Got a favorite meme?

A: Okay last question. Shit, this seems like a term paper. What u think baller… SCUMBAG STEVE, who else.

You can check out the official BeanTownMafia Myspace for the latest updates and you can directly reach Blake via Twtter at @blakeboston617. This interview was conducted over e-mail on Monday, February 8th, 2011.

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