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МЕМЕ OF THE MONTH Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of December 2024 CERTIFIED Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny N으 1221

With nearly half of your votes (48 percent), Mr. Incredible becomes not only Uncanny, he also becomes our last meme of the month for 2021. From just a version of Teacher's Copy vs. Student's Copy to Traumatized Mr. Incredible to People Who Know vs. People Who Don't Know and, finally, to Mr. Incredible Becomes Uncanny, Mr. Incredible and his countless versions have become a true powerhouse of a meme, and his journey won't likely stop there.

Santa Deniers

Ever since December 2019 when iFunny user xmas posted his viral meme about Santa Deniers getting coal for Christmas, the lighthearted trend that made a laughingstock of those who didn't believe in Santa has been an annual Christmas format. And while it was already rather big in 2020, in 2021 memes about Santa Deniers were simply on the next level both in quality and in quantity. Will memers carry the Christmas spirit into 2022, or will this format be deemed too old next year? We'll have to see, but for now, Santa Deniers get second place with 14 percent of your votes.

SANTA DENIERS BE LIKE GUESS I WAS WRONG :/ "Sorry Huey, but you know the punishment for being a filthy Santa denier" Santa deniers picking up the "From: Santa" tag on their present

Oh Boy My Favorite Seat

In third place with 11 percent of the total votes is the YouTube format Oh Boy, My Favorite Seat, a perfect setup for basically any weird, funny or scary video one wishes to share with the world. The format wouldn't really work was it not for Mickey screaming in primal fear at whatever's being shown, and countless versions and even remakes go to show how much people liked it.

Bro Are You Flirting With My Sister

Created by Twitter user @EliteSonicFan and turned into a sketch by YouTuber Jehtt, the 2me4meirl-type meme in which Sonic expresses suicidal tendencies has firmly caught YouTube's attention this month, with dozens of users posting their versions of the meme. Sonic's deceivingly enthusiastic one-liner nets him fourth place on our list with 10 percent of the votes.


X, Just a Week Away!

A TikTok by kearamr that sends mixed signals about her excitement for Christmas provided us with a perfect template for shitposts of all sorts and made people dig up some really funny soundbites. While kearamr may not be all that excited for Christmas, getting fifth place on Know Your Meme's meme of the month list for December 2021 with 6 percent of the votes should be a total thrill. Can you believe it guys? Woo-hoo!

Wrapping up our list are memes that didn't make it to the top five, but only just. Looking up at the top dogs are the historically educational Nancy Reagan Throat Goat (4%), the PogChamp of the month Bing Bong, the inventive snowclone "Rolls Worst Joint Ever and the laughably bad spooky tales of Two Sentence Horror (1%).

Women with a time machine Really? | am your granddaughter Men with a time machine Where Nancy Reagan at? the prince Rolls "Worst katamariEver" PACHIRKD Asked To Leave earth r/TwoSentenceHorror 2SH Posted by u/2Chloe2Furious • 3h My girlfriend wiped the tears from my eyes with a tissue Little did she know the tears came from the creature I have in the basement 62 11 R Share

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