November 2021's "Meme of the Month" competition from KYM.

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МЕМЕ OF THE MONTH Upon recommendation of our research community and by the virute of the authority vested in them, Know Your Meme hereby confers upon Pondering My Orb this certificate of memeship in recognition of its outstanding reception during the month of November 2024 CERTIFIED Pondering My Orb N으1121

With a solid quarter of your votes, Pondering My Orb claims the throne thanks to its seemingly unlimited potential for cultural references and creative edits. Could the pondering wizard from the cover of an obscure 1988 gamebook see in his orb that in some 33 years he will enthrall the internet and become Know Your Meme's November 2021's Meme of the Month?

MER 1-35 ZGE

Two Guys on a Bus

With 19 percent of the votes, the second place goes to another meme that originated years before it went viral. Drawn by Brazilian cartoonist Genildo Rossi in 2013, a cartoon depicting two passengers of opposite moods sharing a bus ride took its sweet time to grow into a meme. While falling under the umbrella of "sad/happy" comparison formats together with Dean Norris' Reaction and Traumatized Mr. Incredible, Two Guys on a Bus freshened the archetype up by making it about two people rather than one.

posts to posts for likes appease the beast CAXIAS EPRIESSA ENTERING THE CHASM A A GENILDO Наyao Miyazaki Junji Ito

Screenshotting NFTs

NFTs do not have the best rep on social media, to say the least, and dunking on people who support them or own them has recently become one of social media's favorite pastimes. Screenshotting NFT images – especially those their owners chose to put up as their PFPs – not only proved to be one of the more effective trolling tactics, but also got so ubiquitous that it grew into a full-fledged meme with 17 percent of your votes and third place this month.


Couple Texting in Bed

In May 2021, Redditor AlexMaestro posted a rather cute cartoon about two teens texting in a bed. It remained cute and innocent right until October 2021, when some people on Twitter and Reddit thought it would make splendid source material for shitposting. Ideas for subverting the original message got turned into memes, panels got replaced with NSFW tomfoolery and Couple Texting in Bed got fourth place on our poll with 9 percent of the votes.

*blocked* *blocked* could be sus Love Reply Im ITS SUS Like Reply 1m

Aunt Cass Checks Your Browser History

Not a month in 2021 has yet gone without some horny format breaking into the mainstream, and November is no exception. But despite the very NSFW origin, Aunt Cass Checks Your Browser History turned out rather wholesome, with Aunt Cass having a bit of a Gen X moment after stumbling on modern memes. 7 percent of the votes get Aunt Cass fifth place.

Come and Learn With Pibby!

it's safe to say that the proof-of-concept trailer for the Adult Swim series Come and Learn With Pibby! really did prove that brutal adventures of children show characters in Cartoon Network worlds corrupted by something that looks like liquid Zalgo would be a hit. In fact, the audience seemed to like it so much that memes and fan art based on the two-and-a-half-minute trailer still keep arriving, with fans hoping that we'll see more of Pibby soon. Sixth place with 5 percent of the votes.

DON'TEVER MEET PIBBY FROM LEARNING WITH PIBBY" WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE Old cartoons: Cartoons nov I've chased a mouse Violence is with a chainsaw answer

Closing the list are six memes that didn't quite make it to the top of the charts but deserve their share of the spotlight nonetheless. These are Tighten Staring (5%), which helped us brace for daily horrors of social media, the simple but effective YouTube shitpost format Hey SpongeBob (4%), gothic (but not eldritch) Gothfield (4%), protective and sometimes encouraging Oh Hell Nah!! Not My Son! (2%), FaceApp-powered Yassification and last but not least, Feminine Urge and its masculine counterpart (1%).

Me staring at an advanced and complicated meme for two minutes trying to decode the joke only to find out it's a random ad
OH HELL NAH!! NOT MY SON! hololive Yassify Bot @YassifyBot ... 5:27 PM - Nov 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone the masculine urge to do anything but go to therapy

Did your favorite meme make it to the top six? Don't forget to vote next month and help us pick the KYM Meme of the Year before voting ends December 16th at midnight EST!

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