Tighten Staring

Tighten Staring

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Tighten Staring refers to an image macro of Hal Stewart / Tighten from Megamind staring, often with a black filter with the song Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me from the game Silent Hill by Akira Yamaoka. Though the image of Tighten staring had been used in a similar fashion to Traumatized Mr. Incredible for months beforehand, the the trend of using Silent Hill music started on iFunny by BiDrawer, where it became a skinwalker video meme engine.


The first recorded usage of Tighten Stare as a meme came on May 31st, 2021, when the Facebook[7] account Ivory FuccZucc III posted a meme using it which acquired 3,500 shares in six months. He uses it as an addon to his status update, which is him saying how he will be staring at girls during the upcoming sundress season (shown below).

Ivory Fucczucc II May 31 - O How ima be lookin at these jawns out here in sundresses with they fat assess thangin it up and they big ole milk udders just tittyin all over the place with the utmost disrespect and disregard

The first time it was used in as a meme template was on Instagram[5] by the page Engenhiero Sincero, which received 10,000 likes in five months. While in Brazilian Portuguese, translates to 'when the building collapses and you remember that you were the only one who signed the project' having it fall closer in line to Traumatized Mr. Incredible than it's later incarnation does (shown below).

Quando o prédio desaba e você lembra que foi o único que assinou o projeto engenheiro sincero

Months later, on November 3rd, 2021, iFunny[1] user BiDrawer posted the format picture with a black filter with the caption "Me in the woods tightly gripping my sidearm Staring down an entity that claims to be my friend after hearing the screams of complete utter disembowelment". The post gained over 17,800 likes in 4 days (shown below).


In the following days, the image macro has been reposted and been added by other captions. On November 3rd, 2021, iFunny[2] user ZombieKevB4 posted a version with the caption "Me watching the home intruder crawls to the door with half of his body gone". The video gained 67 likes in 4 days. (shown below).

On November 5th, 2021, iFunny[3] user YeahThatHappened posted a version with the caption "Me when my friend morphs into Skinwalker" and edits Tighten 's eyes moving to the camera. The video gained 205 likes in 2 days (shown below).

On November 5th, 2021, Funnyjunk user Halibard[6] uploaded a music-less meme that uses the darker version and takes it back to it's roots as a single image reaction (shown below).

Me laying in bed listening to the sound of my footsteps walk up the stairs. own

On November 7th, 2021, the meme was covered by Lessons In Meme Culture. The video[4] gained over 105,428 views in less then 24 hours (shown below).

Various Examples

Hombres calculando un disparo con Me staring at an advanced and complicated meme for two minutes trying to decode the joke only to find out it's a random ad Me staring at my best friend (he's been deployed to the Middle East by the army)while holding my 9mm and my Xbox controller(l'm unsure if he's a skinwalker or if he got home early) Homens captando uma indireta DNDXP Homens Tentando descobrir qual opção de diálogo levará ao sexo em WITCHER THE WILDHUNT

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