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scrolling behavior and history

Last posted Apr 01, 2019 at 04:37AM EDT. Added Mar 21, 2019 at 03:49PM EDT
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Today you'll start to notice a new feature when scrolling through banks of images, such as the galleries below entries, photos, and videos, as well as the newsfeed on the home page.

As your scrolling loads new banks of content, the URL in the address bar will occasionally be updated (probably when you take a pause from scrolling). This will enable you to use the back button to navigate back up the page, as well as the refresh button to move directly to the content that you've landed on.

You will also notice that the scrolling and loading experience is now faster, with less interruption.

The exact behavior of the back button is going to be a little inconsistent. In some cases, using the refresh button in conjunction with the back button might give the desired results.

I'll strive to ascertain the exact behavior while also gathering feedback about important use cases to support.

Perhaps this may or may not be a related, but i'm wondering if anyone else has noticed when you load/refresh into the all images page sometimes the page will render 10~20-ish images back as the first on the list even if you know there have been more recent images that have been posted.

I can't fully say whether this may simple be a browser issue (Chrome for me), or this is some sort of technical hiccup. Either way not that big of an issue, but one worth mentioning.

Edit: I've tried replicating the conditions for this to occur, and found out that it seems to do this when you refresh the page (sometimes). If you load into the page from the images tab, the gallery is up to date. However, if you refresh the page it goes back approximately 20 images as the first image in the gallery.

Last edited Mar 25, 2019 at 05:16AM EDT

After you scroll down to the second 'page' of images (which are appended in banks of 20), the scroller will update the URL in your address bar so that if you reload, you'll start on the second page.


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