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KnowYourDungeons&Dragons: Post stuff related to D&D

Last posted Dec 24, 2015 at 06:11PM EST. Added Dec 23, 2015 at 09:20PM EST
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I'm going to enter a D&D campaign the day after Christmas as a Level 3 Hill Dwarf Monk whom is an avid philosopher and entertainer. In the spirit of this I figure a thread would be nice to get your guys's thoughts on the game. Post D&D stories and stuff below.

Damn has nobody on KYM played D&D? People really like the new fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons player handbook. Personally from what I've learned so far the specific skills like acrobatics or religion are somewhat underwhelming to me because instead of there being levels to the skills you just have one set of points that you apply to all things you're proficient in. Anyone have a good character they want to describe?

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I've only played 3.5 and Pathfinder. I'm kinda interested in 5e since I hear it's a lot more low-power and less magic-heavy than 3.5 and PF, which are just utterly dull and aggravating to me in higher levels.

Only really interesting story I can share is that our group is very genocidal towards gnomes, which we blame the GM for. First dungeon we go in is former gnome market with tons of illusion-based traps and illusions. You don't understand the fury of standing in front of an empty treasure chest that has been enchanted to appear that it has an illusion spell on it trying to figure out that the illusion is simply just it appearing as an illusion on magic senses. We are quite anti-gnometic.

I want to get into D&D but my IRL friends live in different cities and only a few would like to play.

There are plenty of ways to play online with your friends. I run most of my games on, while my dnd GM runs his games on Fantasy Grounds. Tabletop Simulator on steam and Maptools (which you can find online) are also neat tools for running games, though I'd recommend roll20 or FG over them.

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