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Protagonist protects you

Last posted Feb 19, 2016 at 10:53PM EST. Added Feb 17, 2016 at 08:06PM EST
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And this is the point when i regret the fact that the most recent thing i read was a Hentai manga. In other words – im fucked … in more ways than one

I guess technically it would be Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss?
I don't know, how does this work if the last book you read was a linear algebra textbook?
All I know is, linear algebra starts with an introduction to Gaussian elimination, which this dude came up.

I guess he'd be useful if I needed a smart guy. But unless I felt like having someone quantify the electric flux my body experiences when electrocuted, I don't think he'd be very useful for physical stuff.

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The last comic I've read was Crossed

The protagonist is potentionally a nice person but if the thing that he's protecting me from is anything else from the comics, then I will say nonono.

It's a bit risky. I wish Akame was actually the protag, somehow I'd feel safer.

@Blitz Go with the protagonist from the most recent chapter.

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