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Endings that pissed you off?

Last posted May 05, 2018 at 11:53AM EDT. Added Apr 05, 2018 at 05:17PM EDT
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So I just finished binge-reading (if you can call it that) Sun-Ken-Rock.

Artwork is nice, storyline is interesting, characters are a bit stock but overall a good read.

Then the ending just shat on everything. Not sure if I felt this pissed off about an ass-pull of an ending, but yeah. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

So, anybody else have an ending to a book series/manga/anime/whatever that just rustles your jimmies?

The one ending that's legitimately pissed me off was A Roadie to Nowhere's bullshit conclusion. You had a chance to teach children that high dreams of becoming an astronaut or rockstar weren't viable and to pursue a sensible career in a field you're good at. Instead it gets thrown out because Luna has the revelation that Chuck wasn't some high school dropout, which made everything alright.

If you're gonna hit the reset button to return a show to its status quo, don't do it 9 minutes into an 11 minute episode. Especially not an episode that slowly built to a ballsy ending and major character development.

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – Honestly, I kinda liked the ending, it's perfect for what the cast was subjected to however, I'm still pissed that almost everyone had to die to get this ending.

Macross Delta – Oh boy, Delta….that was a steaming pile of dump. The ending made me even more pissed off considering the ending just raises even more questions. I mean, Jesus Christ, did you fuckers really just ended your show with the main character's love interest facing her already short lifespan(because of her species) shortened into a few years? Really? That's it?

For me, It's Nightcrawler, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal.
I usually don't get worked up over Movies, But the ending to that Movie LEFT ME IRATE.

I will spoil nothing, But take my word for it, If you have a heart, You will most likely also get mad at that Ending if you see it yourself.

The Mist
Not that it's a bad ending, in fact it's a great ending for the movie itself
but that doesn't make it hurt any less.
The Mist's ending is the kind that leaves you staring at a wall for an hour processing what just happened

I Am Legend (theatrical cut)
Compared to the original ending they thankfully added in the director's cut, the theatrical ending they ass-pulled is an insult to the movie and the source material

Transformers Animated
The show itself was amazing the ending just felt…. rushed. Sure the final battle was amazing and Prowls sacrifice was heart warming but it felt like there was still some stuff left for the Autobots to do. Not only that but what about the wreckage of Detroit? Omega Supreme and his evil clones wrecked a majority of the city and that would take months or even years to repair.

Kamen Rider Ex Aid
It suffered from having a rushed and hamfisted ending. It was a good season just suffered from an ending that made two character sacrifices unimportant.

Ready Player One (The Movie)
The ending was bland. I know the source material can't be used like in every moment but the whole ending felt bland and boring. I'm not gonna go into details and spoil it but it was just not that impressive.

Dead Rising 4
I mentioned why I despise the game once, but I will tell you about the ending. The story itself had some flaws, including the villain being hired by some unknown person who isn't even mentioned in the game. So anyways, Frank has to kill an intelligent zombie as the final boss who has a data disk of important information. Ok, final boss and villian is dead, we can get outta this zombie infested city, right?

Well.. Remember how in the Dead Rising series, there is multiple endings, where some of your choices matter? In DR4, there is only one ending. And it's forced in a way, that getting the actual happy ending is by buying DLC.

Well.. Remember how in the Dead Rising series, there is multiple endings, where some of your choices matter? In DR4, there is only one ending. And it's forced in a way, that getting the actual happy ending is by buying DLC.Dark Seed 2
This is a bit obvious, but I want to mention this. Basically, hero's girlfriend gets killed. Hero gets framed for murder. Hero discovers that the person who been going on a killing spree in his town is the one of same alien creatures from the previous game. Then, even after battling the enemy forces, you get killed by your alien counterpart, who is the killer. Then the sheriff enters the room while the killer is still there, who thinks you are still the killer and you killed yourself, despite the fact you just got back stabbed literally. And that's the end of the game. Yeah.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion ending. Any one who has seen it knows exactly what I'm talking about. Had it just faded to white when it looked like it was about to end, ~5 minutes before the real ending I would have had no issues.

Bionicle. This one is weird basically, there was a mostly rushed ending (though considering the options at the time were rushed or just dropping with no conclusion at all, I'll take rushed.) While there are some issues that people have outside of just being rushed, overall people don't hate it persay. However, that's not the real issue. Greg (main bionicle story writer) said that he would continue some of the story after it "officially" ended. However, this just further complicated things as it went into indefinite hiatus leaving the official status of major characters trapped in places and events with even less of a conclusion than before. This isn't a "the ending ruined it" issue, but had the story just been let alone or, had the follow up story ideas been less ambitious, it would have worked out much better.

Koe no Katachi

Now I actually really liked the story and the last arc was really good. What bugged me the most is that it didn't have a real ending, it was one of those "and their story continues" endings that are prevalent in slice of life series. However it didn't resolve the relationship between the main characters, nor did it even end with them graduating. I got really invested in the relationship between the hero and heroine so to see it go unresolved really pissed me off.

For me, the Mass Effect 3 original endings.

For a variety of reasons from not being able to call out and prove to that fucking retarded A.I. that its points are bullshit about organics and synthetics, in fact repeating the same fucking theme from the quarian and geth arc that should of moved past that theme, to the mass relays exploding which hints that many civilizations in the galaxy and everyone on Earth is going to die because they don't know how to make a mass relay and supplies lines are cut off.

Those endings effectively fucking murdered any investment and joy I had with the series that I haven't picked up any of the Mass Effect games that I have ever since I saw the endings. For several days I was pissed, mad, sad, hoping and stunned by realising how much investment and love that I had for the series was for absolutely fucking nothing.

EA and BioWare especially didn't help matters by trying to defend through the words of "artistic integrity" only to admit that they fucked up with making the expanded endings and the Leviathan DLC which to me were far too little, far too late.

iBlewupthemoon wrote:

I remember watching season 2 of Dokuro-chan and after episode 2, I was wondering what the next episode was, and there was none, it just ended.

Given the premise, lack of interesting story and its "humour", did you really expect this travesty to make it past 6 episodes? You're disappointing yourself if you figured people would actually want more of this shit.

Aliens Resurrection,the movie is bland and it feels like a spoof of the series.
After all that mess,after they kill all the other xenomorphs they finally get back home,fun part is…..nothing else happens.We just know they get back but we don't see the rest.
We don't know what happens next,this is chronologically the last Alien movie,we don't know if the comics are canon.20 years and still nothing.

I don't want to influence your take on the series. It's fine to enjoy something that I do not. But…let me know when you hit that ending. I'm curious to know how you will react.

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Homestuck's Act 7 left me feeling dead inside when it dropped.
Nowadays, I'm angry about it, though.
( I mean, really, just one singular shot confirming LE as truly dead and defeated, on its own would have provided enough visceral satisfaction to make the whole thing 2000x easier to swallow. )

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Carrie Enright wrote:

Given the premise, lack of interesting story and its "humour", did you really expect this travesty to make it past 6 episodes? You're disappointing yourself if you figured people would actually want more of this shit.

I was like 14-15 when I watched. My tastes were a lot different 5 years ago.

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Zombie_Boy wrote:

Witch Hunter Robin? 8)

Never heard of it. I'm talking the more mild trashy like Cat Planet Cuties (how I managed to sit through an episode of this childish "alien" anime still confuses me). Which is funny because that very show opened my eyes to how low the medium stoops for an audience.

Well after a quick youtube search, yeah you are right. Looks like the a-typical filler trash they push out that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

WHR is an early 2000s anime show, so I guess I'm wrong in that regard; WHR is a master piece compared to something like CPC, lol.

But then again I like MD Geist and the majority of 80s anime, but thats just me I guess :p

I really hate the ending the Wonder Woman movie, I thought the movie was going rather well with its 'super-hero in a morally grey war' thing, but then the British guy turns out to be a god and they fight him and it just becomes silly.

I really wish that the movie just ended with Wonder Woman killing the main antagonist, and looking out into the horizon at the artillery going off to realize that literally nothing changed as a result, or if you have to throw ares in, just have him make a quick cameo at the end saying he largely isn't responsible for this.


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