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Jawbreakers comic discussion

Last posted Jun 07, 2018 at 09:15AM EDT. Added May 19, 2018 at 02:54PM EDT
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it so out of wack. I mean the characters carry the same timid feeling. I mean smile man. Is it that hard? A few of these characters feel like their kind of just there. Its a bland mix almost. Not to be that guy, but why is the only female character wearing a tribal get up only covering the actual nipple part and nothing else. You might say its Africa, but if its Africa or any country in Africa how the hell would she know their location. She just appears out of the blue. These designs are so simple as well. That black guy has pants and a bullet proof vest…. that's it. The far away view is hard to look at. In panel three look at the red guys guns. Look at the guy in full black as well. That monster you were talking about looks bland as well. Out of all the other options i think this is one of the lower options for a monster. This page leaves so much explanation out of it. I know it can't have word bubbles, since They want you to actually buy it or get interested, but why buy it when you show the break down in such a basic uninteresting form. At the same time you say this is only a small bit of info so i can't go off this page alone

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