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Stan Lee Dead At 95.

Last posted Nov 17, 2018 at 12:18AM EST. Added Nov 12, 2018 at 02:02PM EST
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I know I'm late[cuz I don't use this site lol] and I already talked briefly about this on twitter but I'll repeat myself out of respect

I may not have interacted much with comic books or superheroes[or at least prior to this year] but I gotta say this man's life message should be that really anyone can be a hero, regardless of your background, regardless of what you are, regardless of where your from, regardless of the things you hate about yourself, regardless of things people hate about you, regardless of your status in life. Anyone in the world can really be a hero, and do good for the world. It can be as miniature as picking a cat out of a tree, but it can also be as major as helping people out of a burning building.

Even if you feel your life has zero worth, and that you will never amount to anything, the ultimate truth is that you can choose to do things that make the world a better place and heck, maybe even make it so some people don't have to deal with the hardships you've dealt with in life.

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