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Kentaro Miura, Author of Berserk, has died.

Last posted Jun 01, 2021 at 12:32PM EDT. Added May 19, 2021 at 11:29PM EDT
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I am sad to see him pass away this early, and also being unable to finish his story.
But at least we can take solace in that he made one of the most influential and memorable mangas of all time that will continue to be remembered and loved for a long time to come.

Couple days late to say on here but RIP. He made a series that left its mark on anime and manga.At this point one of two things will happen to Berserk: it remains dead and unfinished since all the plans for it died with Miura or someone takes up the helm and tries to finish it. The latter will no doubt have problems in the new author(s) being given expectations and pressure, not to mention whatever company holding rights trying to gut Berserk out of whatever money they can get while turning it into a sort of cashcow.

As for his family, may they be able to find peace and solace in light of his death and may they remember Miura and all the times they had with him.

A little tune from Berserk that goes with this news.

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