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Favorite Comic Book events?

Last posted Nov 24, 2021 at 02:54PM EST. Added Nov 19, 2021 at 01:05PM EST
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I liked what Archie Comics did to purge Ken Penders shit involving the Sonic Archie Comics and at least help refine and scrap a bunch of no longer needed or useless fluff from the pre genesis wave era.
Also the mega man collabs. So far Im liking IDW more though. Especially the Metal Virus arc.

Liked the Blackest Night event in DC and the DC Metals event as well. Like the concept of all these long dead heroes and villains being resurrected by the Black Lantern rings. DC Metal even though it got convoluted real fast, love the concept and idea of evil Batmen being a mirror image of the Justice League. Especially characters like Red Death, Murder Machine and Merciless.

Marvel: All the Annihilation crossover events. The cosmic side of Marvel seem to have all the best event comics. Hell the recent event, Last Annihilation, was a pretty epic way to close out Al Ewing run on Guardians of the Galaxy.

DC: Legion of Three Worlds. Its like one of the many mini events that lead up to Final Crisis, and I pretty much like this one for it involved the Legion of Super-Heroes. Said event basicallu deals with the Legion basically teaming up with two alternate versions of themseleves in stopping a Big Bad Ensemble of Time Trapper and Superboy Prime

Valiant: Armor Hunters. Basically what I consider the first large scale crossover event in the Valiant Universe which involves the team known as Unity warding off a zealous group of aliens that invaded the planet to destroy X-O Manowar armor (which is apparently some kind of damgerous symbiote being that infects many lifeform as some kind of virus)

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All things consider, the 2012 reboot of Valiant is really good and a true underated modern comics compare to Image and IDW. It doesn’t do the whole stories in real time motto as the original but does make up for it with is movie style volumes of each arcs. And new spin they do with the characters is really interesting to say the least.

The 2012 reboot is basically like an Ultimate Universe version of the classic Valiant, except doesn’t veer close to darkness induced audience apathy and able to have some fun with its characters:

Unfortunately, as usual with the comics, marketing and business management kind of screwed it over as noticibly it is producing less content and constant relaunches then it have before since 2018. Hell the 2020 pandemic really screw things up with releases of its titles

There's something about DC's Identity Crisis that I love. DC is infamously known for doing edgy storylines every now and then, but here, I think they pursue a different kind of angle using the basis of "all superheroes use their identities to protect their personal lives and families and it always works… until now". The once considered innocent superheroes, the happy-go-lucky guys, stop fucking around with the villains when one of them is involved in a traumatic incident. Normally nice guys become violently livid, in other words.

It also serves as a story from Green Arrow's point of view and the perspectives given about grief and acceptance are quite overwhelming.

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