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Know Your Meme Artists' Guidance

Last posted Nov 20, 2020 at 05:18PM EST. Added Sep 26, 2018 at 02:27PM EDT
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KYM Artist Guidance

We welcome fan art uploads as an expression of subculture, but please remember that this is a meme collection site before it is an art depository, and all uploads, even those made for the site, will need to meet our guidelines.


All existing rules about uploading and posting on Know Your Meme still apply. Of primary concern to artists, the following are considered NC (not cool) and not allowed:

  • Almost any form of pornography or nudity, photographed or illustrated, even if it is cropped or censored, in a sexual or porny nature.
  • Content that may be considered explicitly sensual or provocative in nature. Examples include, but are not limited to: sexual fluids, having covered but visible nipple and/or gential bulges, and tactical censoring.
  • Sexually suggestive images of characters or people who appear underaged.
  • Strong illustrated gore: Violent gore and shock images, censored or uncensored, real-life or fiction.

If you create an image that might violate one of these rules, but is inherit to the meme in question (such as Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine Cover) contact a mod prior to uploading with the image in question for guidance.

Please see the KYM Rules and the NSFW Guidelines for a more complete list of rules.


In addition to not posting images that break rules, direct linking to pages that contain images that break rules is also not allowed. General rule of thumb is if the first page linked has NC images then you should include just the username and website without linking (example: "Art by AUserName on Twitter"). If there are are NC images on the account, but are not immediately visible with the first page linked (ie, you need to click multiple links to find it) then direct linking is fine.

KYM does not allow for official self promotion. We are willing to allow links to sites like one's Pateron page as off site sources. However, you may not include things like "Please donate to my Pateron" "Commission me" etc. in the image, title, notes, source, or comments. You may post about how you accept art commissions, donations, etc on your personal wall.

As of right now, checking the "Original Content" box overrides the source field, meaning no source will be publicly shown if that box is checked. To have both have the image marked as OC and to link to an offsite source, please link the source in the notes field. The admins have said they hope this issue will be fixed in the future.

Where to Post:

General rule of thumb is to upload to the most specific gallery. If you made fanart based on a meme using characters from a specific subculture, it is better in the meme's gallery than the subculture's gallery. Likewise, if the meme is under a subculture, then is always goes to the meme's gallery and not the subculture it's under.

Please keep meta-fanart (such as using characters associated with KnowYourMeme like KYM-tan) out of "proper" galleries and only in site related galleries or to no specific gallery.

Don't feel discouraged if you don't get upvotes. Sometimes other users just don't like the nature of the content posted even if it's great work, or whatever you posted is not popular at the moment. Do not remove and reupload the same image just because you didn't get upvotes/ got downvotes or comments you do not like. If you receive comments that you feel are needlessly aggressive or antagonistic, please contact a moderator.

Finally, feel free to post in the Art Thread For Everyone. or the art channel in the KYM discord.

Last edited Sep 26, 2018 at 05:48PM EDT

This was created in part due to the large number of new artists on the site who join due to specific trends but had images removed due to violating the rules. Artists are not exempt from rules on the site. However, we have seen actual users who did want to contribute leave because of issues related to this, which nobody wants. Works of art that violate rules can be resubmitted if they are changed so they are no longer in violation (please note that censored porn, including tactical censoring, is still not allowed except in certain cases).

Also, while this list was generally agreed upon by the mods, it was made quickly to help deal with an issue that has been highlighted this past week. It may still be subject to change if new circumstances arise.

Last edited Sep 26, 2018 at 05:46PM EDT

I do not know how to post it here since I do not know how to properly post an image through comments. I saw one of tutorials Soup King sent me and when I tried, it showed only the text where instead of being called originallycalled.png was called differenttext.

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